Already during my studies, I started working at EVITA DAY SPA in Szczecin. This experience allowed me to build a lasting relationship with clients, get to know the latest Hi-tech equipment, improve manual skills, and get to know many cosmetic brands.

2013, I joined the team of INE SPA therapists at the Marine Hotel in Kołobrzeg. The three-year cooperation has taught me a holistic approach to the client and it also developed my language skills. Working in a team, I was willing to share my own experiences and supported my colleagues in their daily work.

In 2016, changes have come. After moving to Warsaw, I started working with the clinic of aesthetic medicine and laser therapy – Bejda Medical, and then with the day spa – She Day Spa.

I would like to add that I am a makeup apprentice and this experience helped me develop a sense of aesthetics and beauty and was the next step to finding my path, which was permanent makeup.

In 2016, I completed my first microblading training.

I quickly found out that to get even more interesting results and satisfaction of each of my clients, it is worth combining methods, hence I began to expand my knowledge. I trained under the supervision of trainers with many years of experience and considerable charisma. I made sure that perseverance and willingness to develop was the key to achieving the intended goal. That is why today I perform a full range of permanent makeup treatments.

I am a perfectionist by nature, so I take care of every detail in my work.

Cosmetology is my passion, that’s why in the OT.CO clinic, I would like to be able to transfer my knowledge and positive energy to others by performing treatments in the field of care and aesthetic cosmetology. I also offer my help when modelling the figure and laser therapy.