An experienced radiologist from Belarus. Within the scope of scientific interests of the doctor of radiology and imaging diagnostics is ultrasonography, the subject of which he delves into during numerous courses and specialist trainings. During the medical consultation, he makes patients aware that ultrasound is a basic examination that allows them to assess the condition of organs and to undertake possible treatment. Bearing in mind the health and life of each patient, he suggests preventive medical examinations. The specialist is constantly developing, participating not only in ultrasound training, but also in rehabilitation courses for people with heart diseases.

Schools completed

The doctor was educated at the following universities: the Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk and the Belarusian State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in Minsk, where he graduated in medicine and emergency medicine. In addition, he obtained a master’s degree in management at the Academy of Management in Minsk. He gained experience working as an internist and an ultrasound specialist at a hospital in Minsk. In his medical practice, he was the head of the emergency department for 5 years. The doctor is in the course of doctoral studies in the field of improving the management of health care facilities at the Belarusian State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in Minsk. Currently, the specialist sees in several medical facilities in Warsaw, including the OT.CO Clinic of aesthetic medicine, providing radiological services.


Conducting examinations with the use of ultrasound is not only about displaying an image of the organs, but above all about discussing the results of the examination and presenting the possibility of further diagnosis. Doctor Dzmitry Ivanou regularly participates in training courses and scientific congresses, improving his theoretical and practical skills. In recent years, he has completed a course on cardiovascular risk in comorbidities. The doctor also took part in courses in the field of ultrasonography and treatment of convalescence of patients suffering from diseases of the nervous system.

A little about me

I am a doctor of radiology and diagnostic imaging by education. I come from Belarus, but I freely conduct medical consultations in Polish, English and Russian. In my medical practice, I mainly perform imaging tests using an ultrasound scanner and interpret the results of the examination. I take measurements, describe the examination performed together with the diagnosis, and indicate treatment options. He specializes primarily in ultrasound examinations:

1) the thyroid gland,

2) doppler of jugular arteries and veins,

3) salivary glands,

4) soft tissues,

5) lymph nodes,

6) pleural cavity,

7) abdominal cavity,

8) doppler of the arteries and veins of the upper and lower limbs,

9) renal artery doppler,

10) urinary system,

11) the prostate gland,

12) breasts,

13) testicles.

I perform ultrasound examinations in adults and children over the age of five. I am a doctor who, despite having 9 years of professional experience, regularly improves his skills by participating in congresses and scientific training. The safety and health of the patient is my overriding goal, which is why I encourage my clients to have regular preventive examinations.