Doctor Piotr Jędrzejak boasts extensive knowledge and experience in the field of gynecology. On a daily basis, she performs her work at the 1st Department and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical University of Warsaw. He also cooperates with private gynecological and aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw. She has been dealing with physiological and complicated pregnancies for years. It also offers prevention and treatment of many gynecological diseases, including painful menstruation, prevention of cervical cancer, breast cancer, endometrial cancer and endometrial cancer. Patients perceive the drug. Piotr Jędrzejak as a person with a high level of empathy and knowledge. The doctor provides his patients with the most important information about the treatment in a reliable and transparent manner.

Schools completed

Bow. Piotr Jędrzejak graduated from the Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. He also completed studies in aesthetic medicine. Currently, he is starting a specialization in gynecological oncology. He is also passionate about obstetrics and gynecology procedures.

However, she does not stop at the gained experience and knowledge – she is constantly expanding her qualifications, for example, currently studying post-graduate studies at the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He completed an internship at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Sant’Anna Ospedale in Turin, Italy.


Bow. Piotr Jędrzejak improves his skills by participating in many trainings and internships. He is a participant in the international ENTOG (European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynecology) project. In addition, she also belongs to the Polish Gynecological Society.

He gained knowledge at many courses, including:

  • Breast ultrasound,
  • colposcopy,
  • obstetrics,
  • gynecology
  • uses of botulinum toxin,
  • applications of hyaluronic acid,
  • use of tissue stimulators,
  • using threads,
  • deploying lasers,
  • injection lipolysis.

A little about me

Privately, I am passionate about fantasy and travel, and distant countries and distant cultures fascinate me very much. I am a lover of dogs, cats and crime novels. I go to the mountains, I learn to ski. I bake cakes in my free time. I communicate in Polish, English, Russian and Italian.

I specialize in conducting physiological pregnancies and those with a risk of complications. I treat inflammation of the genital organs in women, endocrine disorders, deal with hormonal contraception – including intrauterine devices, hormonal therapy, treatment of hypothyroidism, etc.

I also help patients in the field of aesthetic medicine, where I treat upper, middle and lower face wrinkles. I do lip fillers and plastic surgery. I deal with the reduction of body fat from places such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. I put on skin thickening and lifting threads, I perform face and scalp mesotherapy. For this purpose, I use special cocktails and autologous platelet-rich plasma and fibrin. I perform one-day gynecology procedures. For some time I have also been interested in treatments using lasers and ultrasonic waves in aesthetic medicine.