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Breast reduction

Women, not only struggle with the problem of too small breasts. Many women also struggle with breasts that are too abundant, which interfere with everyday functioning and can pose a serious threat to the spine. Patients often complain of asymmetry related to the appearance of the bust. Fortunately, plastic surgery allows you to effectively get rid of these problems, thanks to the mammoplasty procedure, i.e., breast reduction.
breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery and health improvement

Statistically speaking about 80% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. While most women want to enlarge their breasts, there are also those, who are looking for an effective way to reduce abundant breasts. Oversized breasts can cause many complexes and health problems – backache, chest pain, or cause discomfort in everyday functioning. These women are the reason, for which the mammoplasty procedure was created – one of the most effective methods of reducing health problems and improving the quality of life.

However, it is worth remembering that this is a surgical procedure, which affects the patient quite invasively. Therefore, the decision to reduce the bust should be carefully thought through and consulted with a specialist beforehand. Therefore, each patient is referred for consultation with a doctor to exclude the risk of complications, contraindications and to discuss the possible results together.

The breast reduction procedure itself involves making a series of incisions on the chest, to cut out excess fatty tissue, from both the skin and the gland. Sometimes liposuction alone is used, i.e., the reduction of excess fat from the breast. However, this applies only to those patients, who do not struggle with skin laxity and breast enlargement. Other women decide on a breast reduction, combined with the application of a breast implant under the gland or the breast muscle. This action is aimed at lifting the breasts and giving them a better shape.

Breast reduction may be associated with the occurrence of unwanted side effects in the form of infection, scar growth, pain, swelling, impaired wound healing, or temporary bruising. That is why it is so important to choose experienced clinics that offer such treatments.

Mammoplasty is a completely safe surgery (provided that it is performed by an experienced surgeon) that can be performed in a patient of any age (after reaching full maturity).

breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to accept your appearance completely?


Would you like to relieve the spine of the burden of too large breasts?


Is having the right breast shape important to you?



The mammoplasty procedure is performed mainly due to health and psychological indications. Apart from genetic factors, the size of the breasts is also influenced by hormones, diet, and lifestyle. Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding are also important. Many women notice that their breasts have grown after pregnancy. Surgical breast reduction is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health problems. Too abundant breasts put a strain on the spine, which causes pain and bad posture. Damp skin folds under large breasts, are very often harder to maintain in proper hygiene, which is why fungi appear, that cause changes which are difficult to heal.

Psychological indications for mammoplasty include behaviour related to the excessive concealment of large breasts in relation to the rest of the body. The problem of bust asymmetry is also important. The difference between one breast and the other should not be too big.

The indications for the breast reduction surgery include various types of breast enlargement and asymmetry and the resulting psychological and health problems. Also, if you want to:

  • increase the comfort of everyday functioning,
  • minimize back pain,
  • reduce posture problems,
  • fully accept your appearance,

And also not to worry about uneven, asymmetrical breasts, the breast reduction procedure will be a great choice.

The procedure

Before starting the procedure, the patient is referred for consultation with a specialist – a surgeon, who makes sure that the woman’s health condition allows the procedure to be performed. It will also determine the patient’s expectations regarding the final result. He will conduct a detailed medical interview and provide the necessary information about the risks associated with the procedure. Then the surgeon will precisely measure the parameters of the breast and select the appropriate cutting technique. He will also recommend performing the necessary tests, including blood count, platelets, ionogram, coagulation system, glucose, HBS-antigen, HCV-antibodies, as well as breast ultrasound. Sometimes the doctor may recommend additional tests if the patient has health conditions that may be a contraindication to mammoplasty.

The patient also receives a detailed list containing recommendations before the procedure. He must remember to give up the consumption of aspirin derivatives 14 days before the procedure, and to follow an easily digestible diet the day before. On the day of the surgery, you should be on an empty stomach, so that the anaesthetist can administer anaesthesia.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 – 4 hours. The surgeon makes a series of incisions on the skin of the breast, to then cut away any excess fat from the skin and gland. Depending on the expected results and health possibilities of the patient, one of the many available methods of breast reduction is selected. However, the most commonly used cutting techniques include:

  • a cut around the nipple itself,
  • a key-shaped cut with an incision around the nipple, as well as from the areola to the furrow under the breast,
  • an inverted T cut that goes all the way around the nipple, straight down, and in the crease under the breast.

Sometimes the mammoplasty procedure can also be part of liposuction, combined with the removal of excess skin. Regardless of the technique chosen, the surgeon, after making a series of incisions and removing the excess gland and fat, must weigh their content.

Advantages of breast reduction surgery

Surgery to reduce the bust has many advantages. Some of the most important, for example are:

  • comfort and confidence – breast reduction surgery guarantees improvement in self-esteem and well-being;
  • durability of the achieved result – breast reduction surgery is a procedure that guarantees the durability of the results and allows you to enjoy them for a long time.

The breast reduction surgery guarantees the improvement of the breast asymmetry and the reduction of the enlarged breast gland. Too large breasts can cause serious problems with the spine and its pain accompanying it. This makes it difficult to play sports and can also be an aesthetic problem. Women with large breasts also have a problem with buying the right clothes.

The effects

After the bust reduction procedure, follow the doctor’s instructions. Patients can perform breast massage themselves, which will help in faster healing of wounds. It is also recommended to use special scar creams or silicone patches. After the end of the surgery, the patient also receives a special bra, which should be worn for about 2 months. It is also very important to avoid excessive physical exertion, sudden and vigorous movements, or sleeping on the stomach.

The results of the procedure will be visible about six months after the mammoplasty. They mainly concern the reduction of the breasts. The scope of the treatment depends on the chosen technique and the patient’s conditions. Not only is the size improved, but also the overall appearance of the bust. Properly made cuts allow the patient to enjoy the lifting of the bust and improvement of its firmness.

The effects of the procedure are usually permanent, but as time passes, they may slowly deteriorate, and the breasts will begin to sag and lose their firmness. The diet and weight fluctuations also affect the results obtained. Sudden weight gain may cause excessive fatty tissue to appear on the bust as well – as a result, they will increase again.

If you are looking for an effective and safe way to reduce abundant breasts, mammoplasty will be a solution that will meet your expectations.

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