Problems of a gynecological nature are a very broad concept that covers not only intimate infections and periodic examinations. It is a much wider field that also affects the aesthetics of female and male sexual organs, also known as aesthetic gynecology.

Aesthetic gynecology allows you to eliminate complexes related to the appearance of intimate areas. Thanks to the progressing knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine, it is possible to effectively correct, among others, the oversized smaller labia, which are the cause of abrasions and discomfort in everyday functioning.

Sexual problems can also be solved with the help of aesthetic gynecology treatments. Dissatisfaction with intercourse can be reduced by restoring vaginal wall tension and making it more flexible. In addition, clitoral plasty also contributes to the improvement of sexual intercourse. Aesthetic gynecology allows you to increase sexual sensations by changing the conditions of the body that affect the feeling of pleasure during sex.

Gynecology also covers intimate problems related to bacterial and viral infections, or the problem of urinary incontinence. In addition, it allows you to choose the right method of contraception for a given person.