Plastic and reconstructive surgery has been gaining popularity in recent years mainly due to the invaluable possibilities of effects – from face and silhouette modelling treatments, correction of small defects, to the removal of moles, and even restoring the proper function and appearance of damaged tissues. The performed treatments give satisfactory results and, thanks to modern methods, are painless. Modern plastic and reconstructive surgery finds its place between cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, making it a great complement to them. It’s no secret that everyone wants to look good. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can improve your quality of life.

Modern plastic surgery – here you will improve your body and get rid of the complexes!

Do you realize that thanks to plastic and reconstructive surgery you can get rid of many imperfections, diseases and heal complexes? We do, that’s why we approach each patient in a very individual way, which gives a 100% guarantee of satisfactory results after our treatments. However, before we decide to carry out a procedure in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, we prefer to meet for a consultation with our specialists. They will deal with a comprehensive diagnosis and solution of your problem, as well as establish an individual therapy plan. Your health is as important to us as it is to you. We value contact with our clients.

Solid equipment …

Both for the diagnosis of the problem and its effective treatment, we assume that the quality of the equipment is of key importance. That is why we buy the highest quality equipment that guarantees the safety of our patients. We have a wide range of the most modern lasers, ultrasonic heads and other, more traditional tools and devices. Such solutions guarantee that we can solve any of your problems using the safest techniques. Your satisfaction with the results is the most important to us!

… And many treatments offered

Treatments using specialized preparations, laser therapy, ultrasound treatment, face lifting, correction of protruding ears, reduction of excess fat and breast correction are just the beginning of the treatments that we can offer you. There are many possibilities to improve the appearance and reduce some unpleasant diseases. Each of them leads you to feel comfortable in your own skin. In fact, this is what happens after the procedures are performed. Our patients improve their self-esteem and gain self-confidence, and their beautiful appearance is a real “driving force” for them.

Come and see for yourself that plastic surgery at the OT.CO Clinic is it!