Dermatology is a field of medicine that is very popular and in demand among people with skin problems. In addition, it also deals with conditions related to skin appendages such as hair and nails, as well as some systemic diseases that manifest themselves in the form of various skin lesions. The key element of therapy is the diagnosis of the disease and finding out its cause, which allows you to start the appropriate treatment. It is no different in the case of venereology, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Their symptoms are often difficult to clearly assess for patients, so we invite you to individual medical consultations in a calm and discreet atmosphere.

Here you can diagnose and cure your problem!

Are you aware that thanks to dermatological or venereological consultations you can find out the cause of your problem and start appropriate treatment? We do, that’s why we approach each case individually, which guarantees an accurate diagnosis and satisfactory treatment results. However, before you start it, meet our specialists for a comprehensive diagnosis of your problem and determine an individual therapy plan. We will be pleased if you appreciate our approach and feel that the issue of taking care of your health and appearance is as important to us as it is to you. We value contact with our patients.

Solid equipment …

Both for the diagnosis of problems with a dermatoscope or videodermatoscope, and for the treatment of symptoms. In our clinic, we assume that the quality of the equipment is of key importance for the diagnostics and procedures performed with it, which is why we purchase modern, new-generation equipment that is safe for our patients. We have a video dermatoscope that allows you to view the skin lesion at high magnification and save the image on your computer. Thanks to this, we can solve your every problem using the latest and most effective techniques, because your health is the most important to us!

… and effective treatment

Dermatological and venereological consultations, diagnosis of skin problems and selection of the appropriate treatment are just the beginning of our services that we can offer you. There are many options for treating diseases, so we will help you choose the right one to restore your health. And it does. Our patients, after a proper diagnosis of the disease, often recover very quickly.

Come and see that dermatological and venereological consultations at the OT.CO Clinic are it!