Who of us doesn’t like massages? I guess it’s hard to find such a person. Everybody is tired after a day of physical work or even after a whole day of work in a sitting position, everyone needs a bit of tenderness. A skilfully performed massage, in addition to being a lot of pleasure and allowing you to relax effectively, is also one of the oldest therapeutic methods. It is the first, even reflexive way to relieve pain, swelling or increased muscle tension. Get ready for one of the most pleasant treatments that can happen to you at our clinic!

We massage for fun

We will be happy to take all the feeling of heaviness and fatigue that accumulated after a hard week of work from your body. After all, you deserve a moment of blissful relaxation! We will perform a specialized massage of the body part of your choice, which will soothe your nerves and stress. It has been proven that massage, in addition to having a positive effect on the body, also has a positive effect on our psyche. Come to us if you want to find out for yourself!

We massage for health

Painful legs, joint pain, lymphoedema, increased muscle tension, contractures, circulatory failure, rehabilitation in alopecia areata, rehabilitation after liposuction, after hand treatments, facial rehabilitation after surgery or rehabilitation after an injury – these are all tasks for a physiotherapist! We will be happy to help you alleviate the symptoms of the disease and improve the quality of your life, as well as recover faster after some treatments, and thus complete them so that their effects are better. We will carefully listen to your problem and choose the form of massage that will be the most appropriate for you!

We massage to improve the appearance

Few know that a good massage can bring effects, similar to the effects of a facelift. Do you want to improve the appearance of your facial skin in the safest and least demanding way? Face Fitness is something for you. Massages are also recommended for people after liposuction. See for yourself how easy it is to combine business with pleasure!

A comprehensive approach to the problem

Massages are a good way to improve the quality of life for various ailments, such as joint pain or contractures. But in addition to focusing on the symptoms, it is also worth looking at their cause, which may be … in the diet. Often it is the deficiency of various vitamins or minerals or an improperly balanced diet that makes us struggle with various ailments that are only temporarily relieved by the actions of a physiotherapist. Therefore, in addition to visits devoted to body massages, we recommend consulting our dietitian, who, after listening carefully to your problem, will try to give you tips on how to change your diet, and may even create an individual diet tailored to your nutritional needs. After all, it’s worth giving yourself a chance for some extra help!

Come and see for yourself that physiotherapy in Warsaw at the OT.CO Clinic is it!