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Medical massage

Do you suffer from recurring swelling and pain caused by various injuries, sitting work or medical conditions? Do you want to quickly prevent the further development of pain and eliminate its symptoms? If so, a therapeutic massage will be a solution made just for you!
medical massage

Therapeutic massage - comprehensive pain reduction

Medical massage is a series of activities that not only brings relief to aching parts of the body, but also relax. Classic therapeutic massage of the spine and feet is most often performed, because it is these parts of the body that are most prone to pain. Due to the fact that therapeutic massage is supposed to help heal nagging ailments, it is important that it is carried out by a qualified person so as not to worsen the health condition and not to aggravate the injury. Massage allows you to speed up blood flow and stimulate the body to produce endorphins. These hormones are distinguished by their analgesic and relaxing properties. Therapeutic massage techniques are a demanding task that requires advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Therapeutic massages can have a beneficial effect on health and well-being: relieve pain, relax the body and mind, and free yourself from orthopedic problems. During the massage, the muscles of specific parts of the body affected by pain are massaged in a specific way. Such a procedure requires several minutes to an hour. You do not need special preparation for a therapeutic massage. The part of the body not affected by the treatment is covered with a towel. Sometimes you can also stay in your clothes.

Therapeutic massage in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to firm your skin quickly and effectively?


Do you want to get rid of persistent pain ailments?


Do you expect a minimally invasive and effective treatment in the fight for mobility?



Regular therapeutic massage treatments are recommended for people who feel pain and discomfort in the spine, head, shoulders, arms and legs. It brings good results in the treatment of patients who are immobilized for a long time, who suffer, among others, from rheumatic pains or pains after a fracture or stroke. It is also recommended for people who, due to their profession, lead a sedentary lifestyle or are struggling with excessive stress and depression. This type of massage is usually performed for people who suffer from back pain caused by sciatica, overstrain, posture defects or being overweight. It is also an excellent proposition for patients who want to accelerate convalescence after procedures, surgeries, injuries and paralysis. Therapeutic massage also allows you to minimize lymphoedema, neuralgia and problems related to metabolism. If the muscles along the spine are not very strong, they are not working evenly and are tense, causing back pain. In such situations, you should first of all relax with a therapeutic massage. Also, if you want to:

  • Reduce muscle tension and have an analgesic and relaxing effect,
  • Accelerate muscle regeneration and affect their flexibility,
  • Affect the circulatory system, joints and skin,
  • Keep the nervous system in balance by calming or stimulating it,

and also, if you want to quickly regain a beautiful figure, a therapeutic massage from a professional will be a perfect solution for you!



Patients are also obliged to follow certain rules. Massage cannot be performed by people with purulent skin lesions, dermatoses, wounds, unhealed scars, active fistulas and hemorrhages. In the case of female patients, menstruation is also a contraindication. The absolute contraindications are, however, fever, thrombotic changes, phlebitis, varicose veins, neoplasms, kidney stones and gall bladder stones, hypertension, advanced coronary atherosclerosis, post-myocardial infarction, bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

The procedure

Therapeutic massage does not require any preparation from the patient. At the beginning, the specialist conducts an interview, asking if the patient has used such procedures before and how he reacted to them. Then the physiotherapist looks for places on the body where pain is felt most strongly, where there are the greatest tensions. It also checks whether the patient has a problem lying on the stomach – if it was so, the massage is performed in a sitting position on a special chair.

Each masseur has a special set of preparations that he uses during the treatment. It uses lubricants that reduce friction and prevent possible chafing. Treatment support preparations are also used to seal blood vessels. Before starting the massage, the specialist washes their hands and should not wear any jewelry.

After carefully questioning the patient about the ailments that brought him to the office, the masseur begins to perform a massage, which he performs in accordance with a massage plan prepared for the patient’s needs. It includes the types of massage, techniques that will be used and the length of the series. The techniques of therapeutic massage include mainly stroking (the beginning and end of the massage), rubbing (performed with the base of the hand, thumbs, along and across the back, circular and spiral movements), kneading (the muscles are grasped with the hand or fingers and moved up), small filing and large, screwing and rolling grip, patting (vigorous and strong hitting the muscles with the edge of the hand or with the palm arranged in a “boat”), vibrating (introducing vibrations into the muscle tissue). The massage is performed as venous blood runs – towards the heart. Strength depends on the disease and pain sensitivity.

Therapeutic massage is a manual mechanical stimulation of body tissues directly through the skin of the massaged person. Each massage begins and ends with stroking. Segmental massage, on the other hand, is used when classic massage does not bring relief to the patient. It consists of many holds. This technique provides a gentle massage lasting 20 – 30 minutes.

Advantages of therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage has many advantages. The most important are, among others:

  • Durability of the effects and effectiveness – the results of the treatment are visible practically immediately after its performance. The skin gains firmness and elasticity, and pain is eliminated. Over time, you can also see other positive effects of in the form of reducing body circumference, better well-being and reducing stress.
  • Comfort – chronic stress is a trap hard-to-get-out, so stress should not be accumulated. Therapeutic massage not only significantly reduces pain and allows you to remove restrictions on movement, but also ensures a better well-being for a long time. Therapeutic massage is an excellent proposition for muscle stiffness caused by stress, lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Safety – therapeutic massage is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. As a result of pressure, only slight redness may appear on the skin, but it disappears quickly. Bruises after therapeutic massage practically do not appear. If they do occur, report it to the masseur.

The effects

Therapeutic massage performed by a specialist can have many health and healing benefits. It relieves pain that may be a problem for the patient in a given part of the body, relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow, reduces adipose tissue, relaxes, eliminates muscle tension, and strengthens the muscle tissue. This massage also oxygenates the cells and causes the expansion of blood vessels. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the nervous system, the functioning of internal organs and the work of the immune system.

During the therapeutic massage, the patient may feel a little pain, but one that can be endured. If the pain gets worse and is unacceptable, notify the masseur who will change the technique. Pain after massage should not occur. However, if you experience severe discomfort, notify the person performing the massage or the orthopedist. Physiotherapists point out that after a few massages, patients may experience a slight tingling, burning, feeling hot, drowsy or irritable. This may be because of irritation of sensitive areas on the body. However, after a series of treatments, the ailments should disappear on their own.

Therapeutic massage is also a great solution to stress. By affecting the human nervous system, it can positively affect all organs and systems of the body. It has many positive effects on the body, psyche and well-being. It soothes chronic pains, has a positive effect on blood flow in the body, which significantly improves the work of the heart, metabolic rate and transport of nutrients. The massage makes the skin more elastic, oxygenated and nourished. Massage increases the production of serotonin and dopamine responsible for good mood. After the massage, the body feels relaxed and calm.

If you want a thorough reduction of troublesome pain and swelling, a therapeutic massage is the perfect solution!