Are you wondering what to do to make your blood circulate in the blood vessels better and not cause the formation of varicose veins or spider veins on the skin? You must accept that sometimes you don’t have much influence on the formation of these imperfections. Genetic determinants mean that even a diet rich in ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the veins in many cases is not very important. However, you have full influence to get rid of these imperfections. And we will be happy to help you with this!

Phlebology – for health and for aesthetics

The legs and face are unfortunately the parts of the body where the poor condition of our blood vessels is most often visible on the skin. While it can be masked somehow on the face, the matter with the legs is much more difficult. But for us, any case with spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers or lymphoedema is simple!

Phlebology is a field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of veins. Solving the problem with blood vessels is, above all, a very important health issue. Bursting blood vessels in the worst-case scenario can result in a hemorrhage, and varicose veins can lead to life-threatening blockages. It is also an aesthetic problem for many people – not everyone feels good with this type of skin changes. One thing is certain – there is no point in underestimating the problem, since we are able to effectively help you in this.

Modern methods of treatment …

Modern aesthetic medicine is moving away from surgical treatments for problems with blood vessels. We are also moving away from them, trying to use more patient-friendly and less invasive methods, but we do not give up on their effectiveness. Therefore, our offer includes such treatments as laser closing of blood vessels with a CUTERA laser, sclerotherapy or laser varicose veins removal. But there will also be traditional vascular surgery procedures. We approach each case of venous diseases very individually and, after thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the problem, we try to choose the most effective form of treatment. And you will receive full information about the condition of your problem and about the purpose, course and expected effect of the treatment recommended by us. And our further actions depend only on your decision! And since we often approach the treatment in a comprehensive manner, in addition to the treatments, we also recommend a dietary consultation with our dietitian, during which she will provide you with valuable tips on how to eat in the event of problems with blood vessels, and even arrange a special diet tailored to your needs. Because if you want to heal yourself properly, that’s what!

… And solid equipment

We have high-quality equipment – both for the prevention of blood vessel diseases (e.g. compression stockings) and for diagnostics (e.g. ultrasound examination) and for treatment. When performing the laser treatment of blood vessel closure, we use the Cutera laser. It is one of the newest and best vascular lasers currently on the market, designed with the patient’s comfort, safety, and effectiveness in mind. We assume that an investment in good equipment is a good investment. And you can expect the best results!

Come and see that phlebology treatments at the OT.CO Clinic are it!