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Gluing varicose veins

Are you having varicose veins on your legs? Do you want to get rid of them for aesthetic and health reasons? If so, the best solution for you will be gluing varicose veins, that’s what!
gluing varicose veins

Glue treatment and varicose veins

Varicose veins are often red or maroon veins visible on the skin of the legs. Their appearance is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a signal that something disturbing is happening in our body. Varicose veins are the result of venous insufficiency and result from the widening and lengthening of the vein. This can in turn cause a problem with the proper circulation of blood in the body.

A symptom that often accompanies varicose veins is swelling of the ankles and the feeling of heavy legs. This problem affects both women and men. Most often, varicose veins appear after the age of 40. One of the ways to effectively reduce varicose veins is the adhesive treatment. It is an innovative method that uses the latest devices. It allows the intravascular removal of varicose veins with the help of tissue glue. It is an excellent alternative to the surgical removal of varicose veins.

The glue treatment is less invasive and allows for the removal of venous trunks from the precincts of, inter alia, the saphenous and saphenous veins. The great advantage of this procedure is that, due to its low invasiveness, it can also be performed in people with comorbidities that exclude traditional surgery.

Gluing varicose veins in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to get rid of visible and unsightly varicose veins from the surface of your legs?


Do you want an effective, but minimally invasive treatment that will reduce the visibility of varicose veins?


Will you spend several minutes to not only take care of your appearance, but also of your health?



The treatment is directed mainly to people over 40 years of age, because then the varicose veins are most often visible. However, this method can also be used by younger people who have problems with varicose veins. The indications for the adhesive procedure are inefficient venous trunks that may lead to varicose rupture and hemorrhage that may be life-threatening. Moreover, varicose veins, especially for women, are not an aesthetic addition to the skin. Therefore, if you have complexes due to visible varicose veins, then the adhesive treatment will be suitable for you. Additionally, if:

  • you have been diagnosed with varicose veins,
  • you suffer from constant swelling of your legs,
  • you often complain of nagging pain and visible skin changes in the area of ​​varicose veins,
  • you want to get rid of complexes related to the appearance of legs covered with varicose veins,
  • you care about a minimally invasive procedure,
  • you cannot undergo traditional surgery to remove varicose veins,

and for health reasons you want to eliminate varicose veins quickly and effectively. The varicose veins gluing procedure will help you solve your problems and restore your health and self-confidence!



The procedure

Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor, during which they will check the general health of the patient and the presence of other comorbidities. The consultation will also assess the degree of venous insufficiency.

The glue procedure itself involves closing the diseased veins with a special tissue glue. The first step is to prepare the skin for the procedure, which involves disinfecting the skin and applying a point anesthetic. It is only given in those places where the punctures will be performed. When the anesthesia is working, the doctor makes a small puncture through which they insert a catheter.

With its help, the glue that closes the varicose veins will be introduced. The treatment is performed under the control of an ultrasound, which makes it extremely precise. The tissue glue administered in this way seals the veins and causes their fibrosis, and then exclusion from the system. Thanks to this, blood flow takes place in healthy vessels. The procedure takes 15 to 45 minutes, depending on whether it affects one or both limbs, and the number of varicose veins present. As the procedure is so minimally invasive, it does not require the patient to stay in the clinic.

The patient can return home immediately after the procedure and walk on their own. As with other varicose veins removal procedures, the adhesive procedure does not require the patient to wear tourniquets. The process of vein closure and absorption of the adhesive takes up to several months. During this time, the patient remains under the constant care of a doctor.

The effects

The main effects of the procedure are the restoration of the venous circulation by switching off the diseased veins and activating the healthy vessels. The effects in question will be noticeable a few weeks after the treatment. Removal of varicose veins and restoration of proper circulation are permanent, therefore the procedure is performed once.

However, it should be remembered that if new varicose veins appear in other places, then the treatment should be repeated. The adhesive treatment is extremely effective and allows you to get rid of unsightly varicose veins, persistent swelling and the feeling of heaviness in the legs, and above all, it improves blood circulation.

If you care about a minimally invasive and at the same time very effective method of removing varicose veins, the innovative adhesive treatment will fully meet your expectations, restoring the skin of the legs and natural look!