Alopecia, hair loss, hair thinning – any hair problems are quite quick to notice and cause us anxiety. Fearing excessive hair loss and deterioration of our appearance, we lose ourselves in the search for ways to stop this process. Expensive hair care cosmetics, expensive preparations for baldness or dietary supplements for hair growth often show little effectiveness. As a result – along with the progressive loss of hair, we also lose money on something that is supposed to help us in theory. Unfortunately, often only in theory. It is definitely better to diagnose the problem and select an individual baldness treatment method, configured with the source of the problem. Because it’s wiser to treat the cause, not just the symptom.

You won’t lose anything here!

Do you know how different the causes of baldness are? We do, that’s why we approach each problem of hair loss very individually, which guarantees the effectiveness of our treatment. Consultation with our specialist is not an ordinary visit to the doctor, but a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem. We will be pleased if you appreciate our approach and feel that the matter of saving your hair is as important to us as it is to you.

Solid equipment …

Both for the diagnosis of alopecia and its treatment. We assume that the quality of the equipment is of great importance for the correct diagnosis of the cause of baldness and for the effectiveness of the treatments performed with it, therefore we spare no money on investing in reliable devices. We will take a closer look at the problem of baldness using one of the most modern FotoFinder videodermatoscopes available on the market, which provide up to 120-150 times zoom and digital image analysis. Until a hair stands on the head, that’s what!

… And many treatment options

FUE hair transplantation, treatment with stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, fibrin, carboxytherapy, hair restoration treatments – there are many options for treating alopecia, and each of them leads to the appearance of a lot of hair on your head! And it does. See for yourself that even genetic baldness can be overcome with one simple treatment, thanks to which your appearance will be significantly changed to a plus.

Come and see for yourself that the diagnosis and therapy of baldness at the OT.CO Clinic is it!