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Dr Cyj Hair Filler

Alopecia is a condition that causes significant hair loss. It occurs primarily on the skin of the scalp, but not only. Currently, there is a division into many different types of alopecia, which differ in the type of hair loss and areas of thinning, as well as the mechanism of formation. Alopecia can be spontaneous and result from certain individual conditions and predispositions. It can also be the result of various diseases, as well as a post-therapeutic complication.
dr cyj hair filler

Treatment of alopecia with Dr Cyj

The mechanism of alopecia consists in a sudden stop of hair development at a certain stage. This is due to the action of an external factor. Fortunately, the problem of hair loss can be effectively stopped thanks to the use of the world’s first peptide preparation that is used in the treatment of baldness.

The composition of the preparation includes seven patented peptides combined with stabilized hyaluronic acid.

Dr Cyj Hair Filler in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to comprehensively stop or significantly reduce hair loss?


Do you want to strengthen your hair structure?


Is it important to you that the therapy is effective and does not cause unwanted side effects?



If you care about safety during treatment, therapy with the preparation in a professional clinic is the perfect solution for you, that’s what!



Like any aesthetic medicine procedure, this one also has some contraindications. It should not be carried out in pregnant and lactating women, in people with active cancer, as well as with open wounds and inflammation of the scalp.

The procedure

The treatment does not require any special preparation. The preparation is applied by injection, with a thin needle from a pre-filled syringe in the form of needle mesotherapy. Virtually painless treatment with Dr Cyj, does not require anesthesia. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.

For the success of treatment and maintaining the effect, it is recommended to perform a booster treatment 6 months after the end of the first series of injections with the preparation.

The advantages of the Dr Cyj treatment

Dr Cyj treatment has many advantages. Among the most important are

  • Comprehensiveness – the preparation is an innovative combination of hyaluronic acid with a complex of 7 peptides. Thanks to this composition, the substance is distinguished by its multifaceted action. Hyaluronic acid allows peptides, which are active ingredients, to penetrate deep into the skin. The precise application of the preparation makes the peptides work with high accuracy at points. Thanks to this, the growth and development of the hair bulbs can be optimally stimulated.
  • Comfort – the patient regains self-confidence and the comfort of everyday functioning.
  • Safety – the treatment has practically no side effects. Only immediately after, there may be slight thickening at the site of administration of the preparation, or slight itching.

The effects

A cycle of 4 treatments makes up a complete treatment program.

Stabilized hyaluronic acid, contained in the preparation, significantly helps in the penetration and introduction into the skin of the substances and active ingredients of the preparation. Small, continuously released doses of peptides act exactly where you want to induce changes in the cells.

If you are looking for a way to deal with the problem of hair loss, then a treatment with a peptide preparation is a proposal specially tailored to your needs, that’s what!