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Flirty lips that can be painted with your favorite lipstick is a dream of many women. However, not all ladies are gifted with full lips, like popular celebrities and famous figures from the world of show business. An additional factor that is working against you is time. The aging process leads to a loss of volume, thinning, sagging lips and a decrease in their elasticity. This applies to both the skin part of the lips and the labia red. As a result, wrinkles (smoker’s lines) appear, as well as a build-up of callous epidermis. The gradual reduction in the volume of the lips is caused by both the loss of adipose tissue and the circular muscle, as well as osteoporotic changes in the bones of the alveolar arches and the lack of dentition. The aging process of the lips can therefore be the result of many factors, including anatomical conditions, processes of laxity and loss of tissue volume.

Lips are a critical point, especially for women. Ladies spend much more time taking care of them. They moisturize to protect them from drying out and cracking, emphasize them with makeup, and decide to improve their appearance with treatments. If the upper lip is thin and the distance between it and the nose is too great, the solution is to safely lift the upper lip.

Upper lip lifting is a plastic surgery procedure which consists in reducing excess skin below the nose with the lifting of the lips upwards. Such action modifies the aesthetic appearance of the lips and restores the harmony of the middle part of the face. As a result of the treatment, the lips are slightly enlarged, but retain their natural volume. To obtain the filling and visible enlargement of the lips, you can combine the bullhorn treatment with an aesthetic medicine treatment in which hyaluronic acid is used. The use of acid will give your lips extra volume.

Bullhorn allows you to obtain lasting effects and does not require convalescence. The main goal of the treatment is to counteract changes in the structure of the lips and tissues in their environment over the years. This treatment is the answer for all people who care about the optical enlargement and modelling of the lips while maintaining their natural appearance.

What does bullhorn lip augmentation look like?

Bulhorn Lip Lift always takes place in professional clinics and aesthetic medicine offices or in a surgical office. It is worth knowing that this procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It is performed using local anaesthesia and the entire process takes less than an hour – usually up to 40 minutes. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts out a piece of skin that is located between the nose and upper lip. Then the top of the mouth is turned upwards. The lip redness then increases, and the lips appear to be more voluminous. As a result of the procedure, a small scar is formed, which, however, since it fits under the nose, is difficult to detect.

Bullhorn lip lift – who is it for?

The lip of a young person is characterized by a J-shaped profile. It is distinguished by good blood supply, firmness, and elasticity. The height of the upper lip from the root of the nose to the edge of the labial red is 11-13 mm. As a result of loss of elasticity and atrophy of soft tissues and bones, the lips are lengthened and flattened. The height of the lip increases and when it exceeds 14 mm, the lip appears flat and long. The lips, on the other hand, appear small, even though they have not actually faded away. This is because the lip red of the drooping flaccid lip curls inward. In contrast, lengthening of the lip is characterized by obscuring the front teeth during normal speech. The teeth are only visible with a big smile, when the muscles responsible for lifting the upper lip contract, shortening it. Correctly, with the lips slightly parted, about 2-3 mm of the front teeth should be visible.

The mouth is assessed, and the procedure is performed by an experienced specialist. This guarantees a better effect.

Patients who are eligible for the procedure:

  • Teeth are not visible when they smile,
  • The upper lip constantly covers the upper dentition,
  • Too long space between the nose and upper lip disturbs the proportions in the appearance of the face,
  • The lips are thin, flat,
  • Lip fillers cause a “duck mouth” because the upper lip cannot expand vertically,
  • They want to constantly get the expected result,
  • They want to improve the appearance of their lips while maintaining their natural appearance.

The bullhorn procedure is performed by patients of all ages. Some are born with too much space above their upper lip. Others, on the other hand, look like this with age. Some people are dissatisfied with the shape of their lips, while others want a permanent, natural effect of enlarged lips without the use of temporary fillers.

Are there any contraindications for the bullhorn surgery?

Bullhorn, like all treatments, cannot be performed on all patients. Contraindication is a coagulation disorder and active herpes. It is not carried out in pregnant women and during lactation. To rule out possible contraindications to upper lip lift, it is necessary to provide the doctor with information about your health condition and to perform a series of tests ordered by a specialist before the procedure.

What are the advantages of performing the procedure?

Bullhorn is currently the most popular lip augmentation method. This treatment is chosen by an increasing number of women, also in Poland. This trend is not surprising because the bullhorn has many advantages, and the results are surprising. First, carrying out this treatment guarantees a long-lasting effect of visibly enlarged lips. You don’t need to do it multiple times, so the overall bullhorn cost is one-off and less than other lip augmentation offers. Thanks to the use of a bullhorn and correcting the lip ratio, the appearance of the entire face changes. The lips become rejuvenated, the distance between the nose and upper lip is shortened. As a result, the lips after the treatment are more emphasized, have a greater volume, and their contour is perfectly shaped. Bullhorn is therefore an ideal proposition to permanently improve the appearance of the lips.

Is the bullhorn lip lift safe?

Upper lip lift is one of the most effective lip lift methods. It is also distinguished by complete safety. After the treatment, you can return to your daily lifestyle very quickly. After 7 – 14 days from its implementation, the seams are removed, and the treated area heals for up to 2 weeks. Until the scars heal, however, avoid overexposure to the face of the sun.

It is also worth knowing that replacing the bullhorn treatment with an injection of hyaluronic acid, or the injection of your own fat tissue in people who have too much space between the upper lip and nose, will not bring the expected results. Such solutions make the lips seem unnaturally modified. Upper lip lift gives lasting results.