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Cavitation peeling with sonophoresis

Do you have a problem with contaminated skin or acne? Do you want to effectively restore your skin’s radiance and freshness? If so, then cavitation peeling combined with sonophoresis is a treatment that will restore the youthful appearance of the face!
cavitation peeling with sonophoresis

Cavitation peeling with sonophoresis and skin imperfections

Cavitation peeling is one of the most popular treatments that thoroughly cleanse the skin. During the procedure, the phenomenon of cavitation is used, i.e. the transformation of the liquid phase into gas as a result of pressure reduction. Therefore, before starting peeling, it is necessary to moisturize the skin. As a result, the contact of water with ultrasound creates micro-bubbles that remove impurities and callous epidermis.

A perfect addition to the results of cavitation peeling is the use of sonophoresis, also known as ultrasonic massage. With the help of ultrasound waves, the nourishing ingredients of cosmetics penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, crossing the barrier of the hydrolipid mantle and the cell membrane. Thanks to the combination of cavitation peeling with sonophoresis, it is possible to thoroughly cleanse and deeply nourish and moisturize the skin.

Cavitation peeling with sonophoresis in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to thoroughly cleanse the skin of your face from dead skin cells?


Do you want to reduce excess sebum and glowing skin in a few minutes?


Do you want to refresh your facial skin and restore its youthful glow without complicated treatments?



Cavitation peeling has a wide range of applications. It allows you to restore the healthy and youthful appearance of the face in a short time. Its main task is in-depth but non-invasive cleansing of the skin, which is why it is especially recommended for people with skin problems that negatively affect the aesthetics of their appearance. It is worth emphasizing that the treatment is suitable for all skin types, so it can be used by people with sensitive, couperose and acne skin. Moreover, it is an excellent treatment that prepares the skin for further care. Therefore, sonophoresis is often used after cavitation peeling, thanks to which the active substances penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating it. For this reason, the treatment is recommended for people who care about thorough cleansing and nourishing the skin at the same time. Also, if you want to:

  • get rid of blackheads,
  • minimize small wrinkles,
  • reduce excess sebum produced,
  • get rid of sallow skin,
  • deeply nourish the skin,
  • lighten discoloration,
  • firm the skin,
  • improve microcirculation,
  • oxygenate the skin,
  • accelerate the process of penetration of cosmetics into the skin,
  • improve collagen production,

what’s more, to regenerate damaged tissues, cavitation peeling combined with sonophoresis is the best solution.



The procedure

The treatment is painless and rather pleasant, due to the heat generated by the ultrasounds, which relaxes the skin and muscles. Cavitation peeling lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, and sonophoresis up to 20 minutes.

The first stage of the treatment is to wash off the make-up and prepare the skin in this way. Then, physiological saline is applied and the sensitive areas are cleaned with the help of an ultrasound spatula. This should be done slowly, paying particular attention to the area of ​​the chin, nose and forehead where the skin is most problematic. During the procedure, you can feel a gentle and pleasant tickling sensation. Once the dead epidermis has been removed, the cosmetologist can start sonophoresis. First, however, a nutrient, moisturizer or other substance is applied according to the patient’s needs. With the help of ultrasound and an inverted spatula, nutrients are introduced into the skin.

At the end of the treatment, a cream is applied to the skin of the face. Immediately after completing cavitation peeling with sonophoresis, you can return to your daily activities. You should only avoid sunlight, sauna, solarium and swimming pool for the first day after the treatment. In addition, it is recommended to use creams with UV filters. Some patients may develop slightly reddened skin which disappears after several hours.

The frequency of the treatment should be based on the type of skin and the effects you want to achieve. It is recommended to carry it out every 2 weeks, and then, as needed, once a month or one and a half to maintain the effects. In order to enhance the treatment effect, cavitation peeling should be combined with chemical peels or preceding the ZO Skin Obagi treatments.

The effects

The effects of the treatment can be seen practically after its completion or the next day. The skin becomes visibly nourished and younger. Fine wrinkles are smoothed and skin discolorations are lightened. In addition, after the treatment, the skin regains its firmness and elasticity, thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Thanks to cavitation peeling and sonophoresis, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and nourished, deprived of imperfections. This, in turn, contributes to a radiant and, above all, younger appearance.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive treatment that will cleanse and deeply nourish your skin at the same time, the combination of cavitation peeling with sonophoresis will fully meet your expectations.