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The average length of the penis among polish people, during an erection, is 15.6 cm. Research shows, that up to 90% of men are dissatisfied with the length or thickness of their penis. In this article, we suggest how to correctly measure the length of the penis and its circumference, and we argue that a small penis is not a big problem at all, because there are minimally invasive and effective penis enlargement treatments.

Penile Size – does it matter?

The penis is widely recognized as an attribute of masculinity. The size of the penis often keeps many adult men awake at night, wondering how many centimetres a penis should have or how thick it should be. Increasingly, penile size becomes a concern already in adolescence, and on forums we can find many inquiries about whether a given penis length in a teenager is correct. It is worth mentioning at the outset, that the penis grows until the age of 21 and there is no such thing as the correct penis size.

Penile size is a very individual matter and most often genetically determined. Although the issue called “penis size and sex” is a river topic, and according to some opinion, a smaller penis has even its advantages, it cannot be denied that a small penis limits our sexual abilities many times, including gaining satisfaction from intercourse for both men and women. However, before we start looking for effective ways to enlarge the penis, let’s check how to properly measure the penis to determine its length and thickness.

Average penis length – how to measure?

Penis length measurement should be carried out in a state of maximum erection and over several attempts. The average length of the penis must be measured in a standing position. The length of the penis is the length from its base (from the dorsal side) to the top. The measurement result from each trial should be summed and divided by the number of trials to determine the average length of the penis. Measuring the length of the penis several times is recommended because the size of the penis may be affected by factors such as:

  • ambient temperature,
  • the degree of sexual arousal,
  • time interval between erections.

Average penis thickness – how to measure?

The quality of sexual life, in addition to the length of the penis, can also be affected by its thickness. When measuring the thickness of the penis, you should also maintain a standing position and achieve a state of complete erection. The average thickness of the penis is the average value of the circumference of the penis measured in three places: at the base of the glans, just below that base, and between these two points. The average circumference of the penis during erection is 11.6 cm, but it is also recommended to measure the circumference of the penis several times and calculate the average thickness of the penis.

Penis enlargement with fat

One of the effective methods of penis enlargement is the procedure of penis enlargement with fat. It is performed using the patient’s adipose tissue, which is most often taken from the thigh or abdomen. Then, using a very thin needle, the fat is evenly distributed under the skin of the penis.
The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes and does not cause pain. The effects of penis enlargement with fat are usually very satisfactory – the length of the penis can increase by 10-20%, and the circumference of the penis – even by 50%. Importantly, the results of penis enlargement in this way last up to 2 years.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

Another method of penis enlargement is penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid. It is a substance that occurs naturally in our skin, so thickening the penis with hyaluronic acid is considered one of the safest ways to enlarge the penis. About 20-30 minutes of a painless procedure is enough, during which the agent is applied subcutaneously with a thin needle.
The effects of penis enlargement in this way last for more than 2 years, and the circumference of the penis is increased by up to 30%. In addition to the visual improvement, the penis enlargement procedure with hyaluronic acid also allows you to improve sexual experiences.

If a small penis causes a reduced sense of masculinity or significantly deteriorates the quality of intercourse, it is worth seeking support discreetly. After all, penis enlargement treatments were created to use them and be able to easily improve what we find difficult to accept, that’s what.