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Varicose veins surgery

You have visible and not very aesthetic varicose veins on your body? Do you want to get rid of them effectively? If so, the classic varicose veins surgery will be a procedure that will meet your expectations!
varicose veins surgery

Classic surgery and varicose veins

Varicose veins is a problem that, contrary to appearances, affects many people. This condition affects both women and men and usually appears after the age of 40. In summer, varicose veins visible on the legs are the reason for many complexes and effective covering of the legs despite high temperatures. What exactly are these unsightly changes under the skin?

Varicose veins are the result of venous insufficiency, which is caused by the widening and lengthening of the veins. The overloaded veins in this way do not ensure proper blood flow, which causes the blood to regress. This results in the visualization of red, maroon or purple veins under the skin. When venous insufficiency is severely advanced, the veins can also cause irregularly shaped bulges in the skin. Additionally, varicose veins are often accompanied by a feeling of heavy legs and swelling of the ankles. It is believed to be caused by problems with blood pressure, genetics and damaged valves.

Failure to react in case of venous diseases and varicose veins can have serious consequences for health and even life. One of the oldest and very effective methods of removing varicose veins is a classic surgery. It allows you to remove even very advanced varicose veins and improve blood circulation.

Varicose veins surgery in Poland, is it worth it?


Are you looking for a proven and effective method to reduce visible varicose veins?


The stage of venous insufficiency disqualifies you from other varicose veins removal procedures?


Will you spend several minutes to get rid of unsightly varicose veins?



Surgical varicose vein removal is recommended for everyone diagnosed with venous insufficiency and visible varicose veins. In particular, the procedure should be used by people with insufficiency of venous trunks – saphenous, small saphenous trunks or their main branches.

Moreover, the indication for the procedure is vascular insufficiency in the posterior and lateral runoffs of the legs and the insufficiency of perforators.

It should also be added that in the case of a very advanced stage of varicose veins, classic surgery is the only available procedure that allows you to remove varicose veins and improve blood circulation. Additionally, if you want to:

  • get rid of the complexes associated with varicose veins visible on the legs,
  • reduce swollen ankles,
  • reduce the feeling of heavy legs,
  • prevent serious consequences of untreated varicose veins,
  • restore proper blood circulation in the extremities,
  • make your legs smooth again and without visible varicose veins,
  • undergo an effective method of removing advanced varicose veins,

in addition, you want to be sure that despite the large changes in the veins, the procedure will be effective, the classic surgery will work best in your case.



The procedure

Before the procedure, the patient must consult a doctor in order to rule out contraindications to the procedure. They mainly include severe diseases, old age and active ulceration of the treated limb. Moreover, classic surgery should not be performed immediately after varicose thrombosis.

Before the patient undergoes the procedure, it is necessary to perform a Doppler ultrasound, which allows very precise determination of blood flow in the veins. It also gives an overall picture of the condition of the veins, which in turn allows the doctor to carefully plan the procedure.

During classical surgery, general or local anesthesia, sometimes also lumbar anesthesia, is used. The first step in the operation is to access the diseased vessel in the groin area. Then the doctor ligates the ineffective vein, cuts it and catheterizes it, thus removing the diseased vessel with a firm movement. At the end of the procedure, sutures and compression dressings are applied. Depending on the type of anesthesia, the patient stays in the clinic for several hours.

The main recommendations after the procedure are a sparing lifestyle, limiting physical effort and burden. After about 7-10 days, the patient should report to have his stitches removed and checked.

The effects

The main effects of classic vein surgery are, of course, the restoration of normal blood circulation in the extremities. After the wounds heal, even large and clearly visible varicose veins are reduced. Therefore, the treatment allows you to take care not only of your health, but also aesthetics.

Thanks to the treatment, you can also get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of heavy legs or swollen ankles.

The effects of the treatment will allow you to get rid of the complexes and improve the appearance of the limbs with venous insufficiency. Of course, you have to wait until the swelling goes down and the wounds heal for the full effects. Correct circulation will be restored within a few weeks after the surgery.

If you have advanced venous insufficiency and you need an effective surgery, the classic varicose vein surgery will be a godsend for you!