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Venous Doppler Ultrasound

Do you have a problem with the efficiency of veins? Are there varicose veins and spider veins on your body? If so, be sure to use a specialized Doppler ultrasound, which will help you assess the condition of the veins!
venous doppler ultrasound

Doppler examination and venous insufficiency

Varicose veins and venous insufficiency is a problem that affects many people over 40 years of age. Varicose veins are caused by abnormal blood pressure in a vein, most often caused by poor function of the valves. The effect of this is the widening and lengthening of the vein, causing the stoppage and retraction of blood in the vessels.

As a result, maroon, red or purple veins become visible on the legs. They can also be convex and cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the legs and swollen ankles. Varicose veins are also often an aesthetic problem. In their treatment, a special type of ultrasound is used to assess the condition and patency of the veins and arteries. It is the Doppler ultrasound. It uses the Doppler effect, which changes the frequency of ultrasound waves reflected from blood cells moving in the bloodstream.

The ultrasound device head emits ultrasound waves and then transmits the image to the ultrasound device. The test can be performed regardless of age. It is a quick and very accurate method of blood vessel disease diagnosis, therefore it is performed before each varicose vein removal procedure.

Doppler Ultrasound in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to check the correct blood flow in the veins and arteries in a few minutes?


Do you care about an effective examination confirming the health of the vascular system?


Are you planning to undergo varicose veins removal surgery?



Doppler ultrasound is performed in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. If you have unsightly varicose veins on your legs, a Doppler ultrasound will check their advancement. This is especially important if we want to undergo varicose veins removal surgery. In addition, Doppler ultrasound is used to diagnose other venous problems, such as atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis. The test allows you to detect any abnormalities in the functioning of the veins, arteries and blood vessels. Therefore, this method is also used in the event of disturbing changes in the patient’s well-being, especially related to blood pressure. Neoplastic changes are also an indication for Doppler ultrasound, because the Doppler effect allows you to check the blood flow in the lymph nodes. Additionally, the treatment is recommended if:

  • you notice frequent swelling of your legs,
  • you have problems with blood pressure,
  • you have visible and convex varicose veins,
  • you want to check the proper functioning of blood vessels,
  • you have problems with circulation in the lower or upper limbs,
  • you want to exclude the presence of venous embolisms and aneurysms,
  • you want to undergo a thorough and effective examination,
  • you need to measure the cross-sections of arteries and veins,

what’s more, you want to quickly exclude venous diseases and make an accurate diagnosis of vascular diseases, then Doppler ultrasound will be the only right solution!



The procedure

Doppler ultrasound is painless and non-invasive. Therefore, there are no particular contraindications to its conduct. Only the procedure should be postponed in the case of damaged skin or skin infection within the area where the ultrasound would be performed. The test does not require any prior preparation from the patient. The exception is the ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. The procedure begins with the exposure of the skin at the test site. Then the patient lies down on the couch and the doctor starts the ultrasound. A special gel is placed on the skin to facilitate the examination, and then the doctor places the head of the device on a given area of ​​the body. The blood flow picture and the status of the blood vessels will appear on the monitor of the device. Any narrowing of the veins and other abnormalities will be detected. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes. After its completion, the doctor washes the gel off the treated skin, and the patient can return to daily activities. After examination, the ultrasound result is obtained in the form of a photo or graph described by the doctor.

The effects

Doppler vein ultrasound allows you to assess the health of the veins and arteries. It is an excellent tool for the early detection of abnormalities of the venous system and arteries. Thanks to the precision of the examination, it is possible to detect diseases at a very early stage. In addition, Doppler ultrasound allows to detect thyroid tumors, damage in the abdominal cavity and diagnose valvular heart disease.

Therefore, this test is often performed in the presence of varicose veins and problems with venous and arterial pressure. The test allows you to immediately determine the blood flow and any disturbing changes.

If you need a precise examination that will help determine the health of the vascular system and rule out abnormalities in its functioning, then Doppler ultrasound is the best choice.