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Anti-cellulite massage

Your skin has lost its firmness, and additionally you have noticed that the “orange skin” characteristic of cellulite have appeared? Do you want to quickly prevent the further development of cellulite and eliminate its symptoms? If so, then the anti-cellulite massage will be a solution targeted to your needs!
anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage - comprehensive help for the skin

Cellulite is one of the most serious aesthetic problems of modern women. Inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and sedentary work contribute to the fact that unsightly lumps appear on the buttocks and thighs. The condition of these diseased fatty tissues is influenced by disturbances in blood and lymph flow and the deposition of toxins, which are a waste product of metabolism. Lumps that are a source of shame for many women. It is also a serious barrier against the exposure of the body parts affected by the changes. Fortunately, anti-cellulite massage comes to the rescue, breaking down adipose tissue into smaller particles, making it easier for the body to metabolize them.

Slimming massage is an intensive massage performed for both women and men. It is an effective technique to reduce fat tissue accumulated locally, cellulite and improve the figure. It helps to slim the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and even the back.

The main task of the anti-cellulite (slimming) massage is to reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous fat by stimulating the metabolism. Stimulation of microcirculation and reconstruction of the microarchitecture of subcutaneous fat during the massage allows you to completely get rid of cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. It should be remembered, however, that the best results are achieved with a series of treatments and enhanced by diet, exercise or body shaping treatments.

Anti-cellulite massage in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to firm your skin quickly and effectively?


Do you care about reducing cellulite?


Do you expect a minimally invasive and effective treatment in the fight for your dream figure?



Anti-cellulite massage is a solution for both women and men who want to firm their skin. If you have noticed that your thighs and buttocks have cellulite: water, hard, lipid or mixed, it is worth doing an anti-cellulite massage prophylactically – when the first symptoms of cellulite appear. The sooner action starts, the better. The treatment is an excellent solution for patients who are struggling with excess body fat, sides, swelling, and also looking for support for body shaping treatments. Anti-cellulite massage is also recommended in the case of slimming through firming, i.e. lifting, stagnation of water in the problematic part of the body and body modeling. Also, if you want to:

  • slim the figure,
  • improve the appearance and tension of the skin,
  • improve skin elasticity,
  • model the silhouette,
  • reduce cellulite,

and also, if you want to quickly regain a beautiful figure, the anti-cellulite massage by a professional will be the perfect solution for you!



As with any treatment, a specialist may refuse to perform an anti-cellulite massage as well. A contraindication is increased body temperature, arterial hypertension, disruption of the epidermis of the massaged part of the body, osteoporosis, varicose veins and acute inflammation of the veins, decompensated heart defects, pregnancy, haemophilia, epilepsy, kidney and liver stones, gastric and duodenal ulcers, low blood coagulability, tumors, inflammation of the skin and inflammation of joints and tendons.

The procedure

Before the anti-cellulite massage, it is recommended to bathe in warm water and empty the bladder. The treatment consists of partial activities that cover selected parts of the body. During the massage, the body (except the massaged area) is covered with a large towel. Before starting the procedure, the specialist lubricates the patient’s skin with a properly selected preparation containing ingredients firming the skin and supporting subcutaneous circulation. They also perform body measurements, which are recorded in the patient’s card, as well as photographic documentation of the problematic batch. Thanks to this, it is possible to jointly monitor the effects of treatments and actions directed at a given problem.

During the massage, you go from preliminary movements, i.e. stroking and rubbing, to kneading and pinching. The massage is performed towards the heart, from the lower thighs and buttocks upwards. Stroking enables mechanical removal of the callous epidermis, supporting the secretory function of the sebaceous and sweat glands. It contributes to increasing metabolism, making the skin more flexible and facilitating faster removal of swelling or hematomas. Rubbing, on the other hand, involves massaging the connective tissue. It minimizes nervous excitability and helps to relax the muscles.

Kneading affects the muscle tissue. Effective congestion restores the fitness of tired muscles. It helps in increasing the flexibility of tendons and muscle tissue. This, in turn, influences preventive measures aimed at eliminating the overload of the locomotor system.

The next step is pressing – a key activity in removing waste products. Pressing is performed in the intracardiac direction or towards the nearest lymph nodes. It helps to improve blood flow along with the lymph in the vessels. Vibration is a technique that causes surface tissues to vibrate. It also leads to trembling of the underlying tissues, significantly accelerating the metabolism. Vibration is an effective treatment for obesity. It significantly improves the absorption of substances from tissues into the blood as vibrations caused by vibrations move body fluids.

The final stage of the massage is shaking, which causes better distribution of the lymph in the intercellular spaces of surface and deep tissues and improves peripheral circulation, activates blood and lymph flow.

The last activity is stroking. It is an activity that calms the central nervous system, reducing the excitability of the sensory nerve endings, calming the body and achieving harmony.

Advantages of anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage has many advantages. The most important are, among others:

  • Durability of the effects and effectiveness – the results of the treatment are visible practically immediately after it is performed. The skin becomes firm and elastic. Over time, you can also notice other positive effects of massage in the form of a reduction in body circumference and better well-being.
  • Comfort – skin devoid of unsightly lumps makes patients feel better in their body and get rid of complexes. The feeling of beautiful, firm skin makes them more likely to reveal previously hidden parts of the body.
  • Safety – anti-cellulite massage is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. As a result of pressure, only slight redness may appear on the skin, but it disappears quickly.

The effects

The most important effect of anti-cellulite massage is smoothing the skin and reducing the visibility of cellulite. The treatment helps to break down subcutaneous fat lumps, which are then excreted in metabolic processes. The skin is stimulated to produce elastin and collagen, thanks to which it becomes firmer and visibly rejuvenated, and the scars disappear faster. Anti-cellulite massage also helps to speed up blood circulation, thanks to which it supports the treatment of swelling and contusions.

Apart from aesthetic considerations, the anti-cellulite massage also has a positive effect on health. Applying pressure to the skin helps remove the accumulated toxins and other unnecessary metabolic products. Cells receive oxygenation, which strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The results also include an increase in lymph flow, stimulation of organs responsible for metabolism and the work of the endocrine system, maintaining skin elasticity, oxygenating and nourishing it, as well as getting rid of residual fatty tissue, reducing body circumference, reducing cellulite and firming the skin.

In order to enjoy the effects of anti-cellulite massage for longer, it is necessary to repeat it regularly. It is recommended to perform a series of 10 – 20 treatments at intervals of several days. The effects last longer if you additionally use cosmetics containing substances that stimulate blood circulation and firm the skin. It is also extremely important to make permanent changes in your life. It is mainly about getting more leg exercise and a healthy diet. The anti-cellulite diet should contain the least amount of fatty foods, salt, sweets, junk food and processed products.

After the massage, it is not recommended to get up sharply from the table, so as not to make you dizzy. On the day of the massage and after it is performed, it is recommended to drink a large amount of water (1.5 – 2 l) to help remove toxins remaining in the subcutaneous tissue.

If you care about deep skin firming and cellulite reduction, anti-cellulite massage is the perfect solution!