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Face Fitness

Facial skin loses its firmness and elasticity with age. However, you can slow down this process in a completely natural way. Facial muscle gymnastics is a type of exercise that illuminates and restores skin elasticity, thanks to which you will have a reason to be happy.
face fitness

What is facial gymnastics?

Facial muscles do not feel lightly. Everyday facial expressions like joy, sadness, anger and the accompanying stress, and even eating and talking give them a hard time. That is why it is worth taking care of them as with any other muscles in your body. After all, the face is our business card and should look dazzling.

Face Fitness aims to improve circulation, which increases oxygenation and nutrition of tissues, as well as facilitates the discharge of unnecessary metabolic products. Additionally, vigorous massage increases lymph flow, which avoids swelling. Such stimulation of the facial muscles makes it look luminous and also much younger. It’s high time to bring your facial muscles to your gym as well!

Face Fitness facial gymnastics in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to safely strengthen the flabby muscles of your face?


Will you spend 45 minutes on an intensive facial massage and learn how to perform it?


Do you want to improve the oval of your face in a painless way?



If your dream is:

  • slowing down the aging processes of the facial skin,
  • improvement of skin condition,
  • illumination of the skin,
  • reducing the asymmetry of the face,
  • reduction of swelling,

as well as improving the absorption of active substances from cosmetics, facial massage will be a method for you that is worth getting acquainted with.

The procedure

Performing a face massage is a great way to relax, so you don’t have to worry about anything before the treatment. Exercises last about 45 minutes, and as befits training, the whole thing begins with a warm-up in the form of a manual massage of the face, neck and décolleté. With the help of stimulating movements, the specialist gradually restores the elasticity and density of the skin, and also improves its microcirculation.

In the main part of the treatment, we add electrostimulation and a dermaroller massage, which enhances the positive results. The whole thing ends with a cooling massage with a jade stone. Deciding on Face Fitness is also a great opportunity for you to learn how to perform facial massage yourself at home, thanks to which you will become your personal trainer.

The effects

As it is the case with gym exercises, facial massage should be performed regularly. Your skin becomes visibly firmer and tighter, and the complexion regains its natural color and glow. This fact results from the improvement of blood supply, oxygenation and nourishment of it from the inside.

Sometimes you don’t need much to maintain the perfect oval of your face and youth. So we advise you to become addicted to Face Fitness.