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Gynecological threads

Intimate ailments affect many women regardless of age and often significantly deteriorate the quality of sexual life and everyday functioning. Previous childbirth is considered to be the most common cause of problems. Treatments with the use of gynecological threads can help. They are made of absorbable elements that are easily adapted by the body. Thanks to this, there are no complications after their implantation. Threads are most often used to correct too wide opening of the vagina, which causes medical and aesthetic problems. Threads help to reduce defects that usually arise as a result of a decrease in vaginal elasticity, which is related to age and menopause, as well as genetic changes.
gynecological threads

Intimate ailments and gynecological threads

Patients’ motivation to undergo this procedures with the use of gynecological threads usually results from a deteriorated quality of sexual life. As a result, women may experience a ‘loose’ vaginal opening, usually accompanied by a cosmetic defect in the perineum. The procedure with the use of gynecological threads is offered to most women before the age of 60.

Treatment with gynecological threads involves the application of anchoring threads with hooks that are arranged in two different directions. Two or one thread are inserted through 4-6 small incisions in the skin of the perineum in the area of ​​the subcutaneous tissue. The threads are tied, which completes the procedure.

Treatment with the use of gynecological threads in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you care about a thorough and precise treatment?


Do you want to improve the appearance of your intimate area and permanently reduce discomfort?


It is important to you, that the procedure is painless and does not cause any undesirable side effects?



The indication for the use of gynecological threads are functional and cosmetic defects related to too wide, loose vaginal opening, as well as any ailments of the intimate areas. Prolapse of the reproductive organ is also sometimes an indication, which occurs when the muscles, ligaments and tendons weaken and do not support the vagina properly.

The doctor may recommend the use of gynecological threads if the patient is struggling with recurring vaginal infections. The indications are also the reduction of perineal tissue tension and the postpartum anatomical and functional defect of the perineum. The motivation of women to undergo the procedure is also the deteriorated quality of sexual life and the usually accompanying cosmetic defect in the perineum area.

Besides, if you want to:

  • Permanently and effectively heal the problem related to the unsightly appearance of the perineum,
  • Rule out possible diseases of the reproductive organs,
  • Don’t worry about complications,

You also care about the safety of the procedure performed, then this treatment with the use of gynecological threads in a professional clinic is the perfect solution that will help prevent any problem!



Surgery with the use of gynecological threads should not be performed in women who are menstruating, are in the early stage of puerperium or are expecting a baby. Another contraindication is also inflammation of the vagina and vulva, herpes, allergy to the drug used for local anesthesia, blood clotting disorders, and neoplastic disease.

The procedure

Before each procedure with the use of gynecological threads, the patient is referred for a medical consultation, during which an in-depth medical interview and gynecological examination are carried out. The procedure requires the results of a cytological examination of the cervix performed in the last 3 months. The best time to heal is in the first half of your menstrual cycle. The therapy is preceded by a conversation between the patient and the doctor about the problems of sexual life and expectations after the procedure. The doctor provides information about possible side effects of treatment, examines the patient’s preferences as to the expected results. The specialist also performs a gynecological examination, and vaginal culture may also be taken to rule out inflammation. The patient may be asked to depilate the intimate area before the procedure.

The procedure with the use of gynecological threads involves implanting the threads. On both sides they are finished with special hooks that facilitate their precise placement. Grabbing the vaginal walls with hooks causes it to be pulled down, which effectively narrows the entrance to the vagina. In order to apply the threads, 4-6 small and shallow incisions are made around the perineum. The threads are usually placed on a “cross”. This arrangement makes them more effective and the effects last longer – also when the threads begin to absorb.

Advantages of treatments with the use of gynecological threads

Treatment with gynecological threads has many advantages. Among the most important are, among others

  • Durability and effectiveness – the treatment with the use of gynecological threads is a guarantee of long-lasting results that last up to several years after the thread is absorbed.
  • Comfort – thanks to the permanent reduction of the functional and aesthetic problem of the perineal area, the patient can regain the comfort of life. The satisfaction with sex life is also increased.
  • Safety – gynecological threads show safe action and do not cause allergies. Thanks to the anesthesia used during the procedure, also patients with a low pain threshold do not have to worry about discomfort.

The effects

The recovery period after the procedure with the use of gynecological threads is short. Usually the patient returns to normal activity within a few days after the procedure. Pain-free sexual activity is usually possible a few weeks after the surgery. During the period from the treatment to the next bleeding, it is advisable to use topical intimate hygiene products with a disinfecting effect. After the procedure, it is also recommended to limit physical effort for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. A control visit should take place after 7 – 14 days.

The procedure with the use of gynecological threads brings results immediately – it narrows the entrance to the vagina, improves the appearance of intimate spheres, and also increases the comfort of a woman’s life. The threads cause a fibrotic reaction – even after they are absorbed, the desired muscle tone is maintained.

The great advantage that makes gynecological threads popular is also the increase in the comfort and functioning of the vagina and perineum. The aesthetics of intimate places is improved, the procedure is minimally invasive, there is no need for hospitalization, and wounds heal relatively quickly.

If you are looking for an effective way to reduce the unsightly appearance of intimate places and their ailments, the treatment with the use of gynecological threads is tailored to your needs!