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Geneo – Facial treatment

Do you have a problem with acne and discoloration on the skin of your face? Do you want to effectively reduce their visibility and additionally improve skin tension? If so, you should use the Geneo treatment!
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Geneo and problematic complexion

Geneo is an innovative treatment that allows you to take care of the facial skin on three levels. During one treatment, exfoliation of dead epidermis, absorption of nutrients and oxygenation of the skin are combined. The Geneo treatment can be performed on everyone, regardless of skin type and complexion. It is performed not only on the facial skin, but also on the neck and décolleté.

The Geneo device uses the biological mechanisms of the body to restore radiance and rejuvenate the skin. All thanks to the “Bohr” effect. This happens while the head of the device is in contact with a special cocktail, because of that CO2 bubbles are formed. There are so many of them that they reach the outer layers of the skin, oxygenate it and improves cell metabolism.

In addition, at the same time, the device gently exfoliates the skin, thus creating an ideal environment for active and deep absorption of nutrients. It is worth noting, that depending on the cocktail used, the procedure can be performed on both teenagers and mature women. In addition, there are three versions of the Geneo treatment.

The first of them, NeoRevive, is designed to rejuvenate the skin, the second NeoBright brightens and guarantees a radiant look of the skin and balance to thoroughly cleanse and reduce inflammation. The choice of the type of treatment depends on the individual needs of the patient and the effects that you want to achieve after the treatment.

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Geneo treatment in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to deeply cleanse, nourish and oxygenate your skin in one treatment?


Do you want a non-invasive treatment that will immediately improve the condition and appearance of your skin?


Do you want to achieve a radiant complexion in just a few minutes and reduce discoloration and imperfections?



The Geneo treatment is especially recommended for people who need to quickly improve the appearance of their skin, for example before an important event. In addition, this treatment is perfect for those who want to lighten discoloration and reduce their visibility in a non-invasive way. People who want to comprehensively care for their facial skin with one treatment will also be satisfied with the possibilities of Geneo.

The treatment can be intended for teenagers, adults and people with mature skin. It is suitable for sensitive, vascular, oily and skin prone to dryness. It is also recommended to perform the Geneo treatment if you want to rejuvenate the appearance and deeply nourish the skin. Geneo is also perfect if you want to oxygenate the skin and restore its healthy appearance. Other indications for surgery are:

  • reduction of wrinkles,
  • skin laxity,
  • gray and sallow skin,
  • acne prone skin,
  • enlarged pores,
  • uneven skin tone,
  • discoloration,
  • keratinized epidermis,
  • dry skin,

moreover, if you care about the natural oxygenation, nourishment and hydration of the skin, which ensures a healthy and radiant appearance of the skin, then the Geneo treatment is perfect for you.



The procedure

Geneo, although it combines as many as three different treatments, takes only 30 minutes. Before starting, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed of make-up residues and superficial impurities. The gel is then applied and spread over the skin using a special device head equipped with a Capsugen capsule.

Depending on the patient’s needs, NeoRevive gel with a rejuvenating effect or NeoBright is used to illuminate the skin. The gel in combination with the Capsugen capsule causes a chemical reaction known as the Bohr effect. As a result, the microgranules released from the capsule immediately exfoliates dead epidermis and removes impurities. As a result, the skin prepared in this way, the active substances contained in the gel quickly and, above all, penetrate the skin. A cream or mask is applied at the end of the procedure.

The procedure is completely painless. It can only be accompanied by a slight burning sensation, which disappears several minutes after the treatment. The treatment does not irritate the skin, therefore it does not require any recovery period. You can return to your daily activities immediately after its completion, and the skin does not require any special care measures.

The effects

The Geneo treatment primarily allows you to reduce small wrinkles and improve skin firmness. In addition, it deeply nourishes the skin and allows you to improve its density. The treatment helps to reduce visible pores, blemishes and other imperfections. During the treatment, the skin is not only nourished, but also moisturized, strengthened and taut. What’s more, the treatment restores its glow, evens out the color and reduces discoloration. The skin looks not only radiant, but also younger.

The effects last up to 3 months. You can decide both for one treatment before an important event, or a series of 5 treatments performed once a week.

If you want to quickly and non-invasively eliminate skin imperfections and deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, the Geneo treatment will surely meet your expectations.