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Radiofrequency Microneedle

Skin changes in the form of wrinkles, furrows and general loss of firmness can be the cause of both women and men – not only in adolescence, but also in mature ones. Everyone wants to enjoy a flawless appearance and a smooth complexion. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine allows you to avert complexes, thanks to the radiofrequency microneedle treatment!
radiofrequency microneedle

Radiofrequency Microneedle and skin nanolifting?

Keeping the skin young and radiant for a long time is possible thanks to the microneedle radiofrequency treatment. The effects are almost immediate and you can notice the rejuvenation of the skin, including the improvement of its quality and density, as well as the reduction of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Therefore, the reduction of skin imperfections is one of the basic advantages of the microneedle radiofrequency treatment.

It is also worth noting that the therapy itself does not require the use of a scalpel and is practically non-invasive. Regardless of the high safety of the procedure, the patient is always referred for a medical consultation, must perform the necessary tests and properly prepare for the treatment.

During the procedure, many micro-punctures of the skin are made at various depths – usually from 0.2 to 3.5 mm, while simultaneously emitting high-frequency radio waves. Thanks to this combination, the tissues in the area of ​​the needles are heated, which in turn stimulates collagen to rebuild and does not cause the risk of skin burns.

The procedure itself is therefore a combination of two methods: radiofrequency and micro needling. The first technique involves acting on the skin through an electromagnetic radio frequency wave. It stimulates tissue regeneration thanks to its heating. Micro needling, on the other hand, is a process that involves the use of micro-needles. Small needles mechanically damage the tissue and stimulate it to regenerate. The presence of microneedles during the treatment ensures that each layer of the treated skin is evenly heated.

The great advantage of microneedle radiofrequency is its low invasiveness, high efficiency, minimal risk of complications and short recovery time. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year. Such advantages make microneedle radiofrequency a huge advantage over other treatments using a fractional laser.

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Radiofrequency Microneedle in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you want to completely accept the appearance of your skin?


The reduction of wrinkles and skin imperfections will allow you to get rid of age-old complexes?


Do you dream of a firm and smooth complexion?



Microneedle radiofrequency is a minimally invasive procedure, a non-surgical technique that is recommended to be performed in order to maintain a young, fresh appearance of the skin for a long time. The therapy can be used in both women and men in the form of anti-aging prophylaxis, skin, neck and cleavage revitalization.

It is also a recommended solution for people struggling with flabby skin, e.g. women after pregnancy. Also, if you want to:

  • Find effective anti-aging prophylaxis,
  • Replace damaged tissue with new and flexible tissue of proper structure
  • Get the lipolifting effect on the skin, eyes, face, neck and cleavage,
  • Improve skin tension, reduce wrinkles, nasolabial folds,
  • Narrow pores,
  • Brighten dark circles under the eyes and improve skin tone,
  • shape the chin line,
  • Model and lift the cheeks,
  • Reduce acne and post-traumatic scars,

And also not worry about excessive interference and possible complications after the procedure, microneedle radiofrequency will be an excellent choice for you.

The procedure

The microneedle radiofrequency treatment, although non-invasive, requires the patient to come for a medical consultation earlier. During it, the specialist will assess the skin changes and the possibilities offered by the treatment. In case of any doubts, the patient will be referred for additional diagnostic tests to exclude contraindications and the risk of complications.

Before starting the procedure, the patient is put on a special anesthetic ointment. The treated skin is disinfected and scrupulously cleaned, and then punctured with a special matrix of micro-needles. The procedure is carried out by using disposable needles with an adjustable length – from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm. The heads of the device enable the treatment area of ​​1 cm2, 25 needles on the face and 49 needles on the body.

The doctor punctures the patient’s skin with special heads and decides how deep it should reach the skin. The therapy device uses thermal energy, which is then distributed inside the dermis at a depth, which corresponds to the length of the needles. Thanks to the use of thin needles on the patient’s skin, practically no traces remain after the procedure. The only noticeable element is the slight reddening of the epidermis that resembles a thin mesh. All energy is distributed inside the dermis and acts directly on the collagen fibers. Therefore the risk of side effects is practically negligible.

The procedure takes from 40 minutes, up to 1.5 hours – depending on the size of the area to be punctured. The number of treatments performed is selected individually and depends on the diagnosis of the specialist performing the procedure, the condition of the skin and the patient’s age. The type of problem also matters. Usually, a series of 3 – 4 treatments is carried out at intervals of 1 month. After completing the therapy, you can perform the so-called reminder treatment every six months.

The effects

After microneedle radiofrequency treatment, there is practically no risk associated with the occurrence of pigmentation or discoloration. The thermal effect is very low, thanks to which the phenomenon of skin vaporization and the formation of spots does not occur. The device allows you to achieve the effect of a strong, comprehensive skin regeneration, which is visible after the first treatment.

After completing the therapy, cool the place subjected to radiofrequency down, and then moisten it with preparations (also with cooling properties). This allows you to reduce the risk of possible side effects. After completing the therapy, the skin may experience a slight swelling, but it disappears on its own after 1-2 days. After microneedle radiofrequency, you should also avoid sunbathing and use sunscreen for 2 weeks.

The results of microneedle radiofrequency can be divided into two groups: visible immediately and those that become visible after some time. Immediately after the treatment, the collagen fibers contract, thanks to which the skin gains more tension. During the next few weeks, up to 2 – 5 months, the production of new collagen is stimulated, its fibers shorten and thickened, and new bonds are built. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic. Reconstruction of collagen also helps to fill small wrinkles, scars and stretch marks become shallower or completely disappear. Microneedle radiofrequency treatments are one of the most effective methods in the fight against skin imperfections.

If you are looking for an effective way to improve your self-esteem and want to reduce skin problems related to wrinkles and lost firmness, then microneedle radiofrequency will meet your expectations.