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Treatment of hyperhidrosis

You don’t want to be flooded with sweat, so you are pouring hectoliters of antiperspirants on yourself? There is an easier way to do this. Thanks to the botox treatment, the problem of excessive sweating will no longer be your problem! Forget about embarrassing smells, sweat stains on clothes or troublesome shaking hands.
treatment of hyperhidrosis

Botox and excessive sweating

Even the most effective antiperspirants only work for a few hours. Botox works for 6 months. Botox treatment is a blockade of nerve fibers affecting the sweat glands, which completely turns off these glands. And you have peace under the pits. Great deal, right?

Treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox in Poland, is it worth it?


Would you be able to opt for a 10-15 minutes treatment, that will keep you sweat free for 6 months?


Is the painlessness of the procedure important to you and would you appreciate that it is performed with a needle, 4 times thinner than the one used for blood sampling?


Do you want to return to your everyday life immediately after the procedure and not have to explain to your friends why you look strange?

The procedure

The botulinum toxin treatment is nothing terrible. If you have survived a mosquito bite, you will also be able to survive this, although just in case, you will still receive local anesthesia and anti-stress squeezing balls, that will help relieve the fear of the procedure.

The treatment consists of 2 phases:

  1. Precise definition of the area of ​​excessive skin sweating
  2. Intradermal injection of a small amount of Botox solution with an extremely fine needle

The effects

You will start to get rid of sweat around the 5th day after the procedure. You will see it less often for the next 2 weeks, and then it will disappear completely from your life for about 6 months.

Take a break from sweat for 6 months. And then for another 6. After all, it’s worth making your life easier and sometimes taking care of yourself.