A valued physiotherapist with extensive experience in the treatment of spinal and peripheral joint diseases and in recovery after injuries. The subject of osteopathy and the impact of therapy on improving the functioning of the physical and mental state remains in the spectrum of the specialist’s scientific interests.

The physiotherapist is currently attending the OT.CO Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Warsaw, where she is a specialist in manual therapy. She focuses primarily on a holistic approach to her patients, accurate and accurate diagnosis and a quick return to full health. In addition, he conducts medical, strength and rehabilitation training for problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Schools completed

The specialist obtained a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the University of Rehabilitation in Warsaw. Wanting to deepen her knowledge, she started studying at the Polish Academy of Osteopathy OSTEON, thus gaining experience from physiotherapists and osteopaths valued in Europe. She constantly trains herself by participating in numerous courses and trainings in order to provide services at the highest level.


A physiotherapist is a valued specialist who selects the right therapeutic measures and methods for her patients. He is constantly improving his theoretical and practical skills to effectively help patients with problems of the muscular, musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

In recent years, she has completed the following courses:

  • Visceral therapy,
  • Kinesio Taping fundamentals and advanced KT1 & KT2 – Kinesio Poland,
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF Basic course) – IPNFA,
  • Palpation anatomy,
  • Personal trainer training.

In addition to her knowledge and experience, Aleksandra is an extremely empathetic person for whom work is a great passion. Patient comfort is extremely important to her, which is why she explains the procedure in detail during visits so that patients feel safe.

A little about me

As an educated physiotherapist, by choosing the right therapeutic methods, I help patients get rid of ailments from the muscular, musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

In addition, by expanding my knowledge and skills on the subject of osteopathy, I want to help my patients in the treatment of diseases of the neuromuscular system. In my practice, I follow a holistic approach to the patient, trying to choose the right treatment methods for specific ailments.

I treat the body of my charges as a coherent whole, believing that only comprehensive care of the body is able to get rid of pain and psychosomatic ailments.

He specializes in therapy:

  • preoperative,
  • postoperative (e.g. anti-swelling, scar work),
  • traumatic,
  • dental,
  • treatment of acute and chronic pain in the spine and peripheral joints,
  • treatment of peripheral nerve damage,
  • treatment of headaches and dizziness, including migraines and tension headaches,
  • sleep disorders and insomnia,
  • digestive disorders.

In my private life, I am passionate about sport and a healthy lifestyle. I try to keep a balance to enjoy a good physical and mental shape.