She practiced in centres specialized in orthopaedics and traumatology, where she gained knowledge about the treatment of people after orthopaedic surgeries. She took her first steps in Physiotherapy as a physiotherapist in the second league men’s volleyball team Lesan Halinów. Her task was to provide medical care, provide individual advice in the field of injury prevention and rehabilitation in the event of an injury. She also worked as a trainer in a women’s gym. Working with women has taught her to adjust training plans to the needs and abilities of each person. Its goal was to make the training not only effective, but also to improve the client’s all-round motor skills.

She perfectly deals with sports and orthopaedic injuries. She is actively involved in sports. Her main focuses are on quick results and prevention against injuries. It is characterized by precisely tailored therapy, careful examination, and accurate observations. She deals with functional training, manual therapy and biological regeneration.

Currently, Daria’s interests are focused on manual therapy, especially visceral therapy, and lymphatic drainage.

Daria’s manual therapy includes:

– anti-edema therapy – swelling of the face, neck and upper and lower body parts associated with their spontaneous appearance, drug-induced and postoperative (oncological operations combined with complete or partial removal of lymph nodes)

Completed courses in four-module Manual Therapy according to the concept of Dr. Składowski, kinesiology therapy and Dry Needling, enriched with knowledge in the field of Lymphatic Drainage and Comprehensive Anti-Edema Therapy conducted by the Polish Lymphological Society, will be perfect for reducing edema and improving the nutrition of these tissues.


  • Kinesiology Taping – Massage Project – Warsaw 2016
  • FDM Intensive – Angitia – Warsaw 2017
  • Pinotherapy – Radosław Składowski Training – Spała 2018
  • Drying – RehaIntegro – Warsaw 2018
  • Manual therapy according to the concept of Radosław Skałdowski – Four modules – Training Radosław Składowski – Spała 2018
  • Comprehensive Anti-Edema Therapy – Polish Lymphological Society – Chorzów 2021.