An experienced physiotherapist and manual therapist who approaches the needs of the patient in a holistic way. At the center of her scientific interests is not only orthopedic rehabilitation, but also non-invasive methods of face lifting and rejuvenation, which motivates the specialist to continuous self-development. The physiotherapist approaches her work with commitment and passion, focusing primarily on effective help for patients.

Schools completed

Karolina Waszylewska, MA, graduated from the Rehabilitation Department at the University of Rehabilitation in Warsaw, obtaining the title of Master of Physiotherapy. She is constantly improving her skills by participating in numerous courses and scientific symposiums. She effectively uses her experience and helps patients regain full fitness and health.

It is currently available to patients at the OT.CO aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw, where she empathetically approaches clients’ needs, providing support and understanding throughout the treatment process. In addition, he works with athletes, mainly MMA fighters, in preventing injuries, creating and modifying training protocols.


Physiotherapy is a medical profession that, through gymnastics and physiotherapeutic treatments, helps patients improve mobility and relieve pain. The work of a physiotherapist requires continuous improvement of qualifications and updating of knowledge. Specialist Karolina Waszylewska, MA, in order to provide patients with appropriate help and safety, completed the following courses:

– 1st and 2nd degree massage,

– PNF course,

– Kinesiotaping KT1 and KT2,

– Roller – use in training and improvement,

– shoulder and neck – physiotherapeutic interventions,

– knee – the most effective physiotherapeutic interventions,

– spine imbalance therapy,

– deep tissue massage in clinical terms,

– KOBIDO massage,

– tool therapy of soft tissues,

– manual therapy,

– medical training.

In recent years, the specialist has expanded and consolidated her knowledge by participating in the following workshops:

– basics of manual therapy.

– non-mechanical approach to the disc – possibilities of therapy

– manual facial modeling and rejuvenation, aesthetic kinesiotaping,

– imbalance of the lumbar spine,

– sciatic nerve – anatomy, diagnosis and treatment options,

– hip pain – causes, diagnosis and treatment options.

A little about me

As a physiotherapist, using appropriate massage techniques and treatments, I help patients get rid of pain from various systems. Work is my passion, and the opportunity to help other people makes me happy to expand my knowledge. In my practice, apart from orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, I take care of patients before and after plastic surgery procedures.

I take care of proper preparation for the procedure and a quick return to shape through lymphatic drainage, manual therapy and scar mobilization. In the scope of my practice, I treat ailments related to knee, shoulder and spine pain, discopathy, sciatica and post-traumatic conditions.

Privately, I am mainly interested in sports: MMA, horse riding, sailing, rock climbing and long hiking and cycling trips. I am a lover of books read with a cup of coffee.