Qualified specialist in ophthalmology. The reduction of scars and distortions is the focus of Dr. Katarzyna Nidzińska’s interests. She approaches her work with commitment and determination, wanting to help patients get rid of their complexes and improve their quality of life. In her practice, she combines passion with medical knowledge, thus ensuring an empathetic and comprehensive approach to the patient. The specialist makes us aware of the importance of daily care of the delicate eye area in the fight against signs of aging. She constantly improves her qualifications by participating in numerous congresses and industry trainings to support patients in their quest to improve the quality of life even more effectively.

Schools completed

Doctor Katarzyna Nidzińska graduated from the Medical University of Lodz at the Faculty of Military Medicine. Developing her knowledge and skills, she continues her education at the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine in Warsaw. Currently, she is a resident at the Warsaw Ophthalmology Clinic at the Military Medical Institute. He constantly updates his knowledge by taking part in scientific trainings and workshops. On a daily basis, she works at the OT.CO aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw, where she approaches the patient’s problems in a holistic way, wanting to improve not only the appearance, but also the comfort of life.


Ophthalmology is a broad field, covering not only the diagnosis of eye diseases, but also performing eye surgical procedures. Doctor Katarzyna Nidzińska in her practice successfully combines both fields, providing services at the highest level. He constantly develops theoretical and practical skills by participating in numerous national and international congresses, as well as courses and specialized training. The specialist is an active member of the Association of Polish Ophthalmology Surgeons.

A little about me

It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. For many people, they are also a source of complexes and health problems. With age, the delicate skin around the eyes loses its firmness, the first wrinkles appear, or problems with vision appear. I am both a doctor and a soldier, in my practice I also try to help patients struggling with scars and deformities resulting from an accident.

Patient’s satisfaction with the achieved effects is very important to me, which is why I gradually improve my qualifications by participating in scientific symposia and industry training. I am particularly interested in the skin under the eyes and the impact of daily and conscious care on its condition and quality.

Privately, I am passionate about French, plants, running and horse riding. I love an active life!


“Skin eruptions and infectious rash diseases in children in the practice of a primary care physician.”