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Laser hair removal

Excessive body hair, which is a recurring problem, often causes many complexes and causes issues with self-acceptance. If you are looking for the perfect way to effectively get rid of hair, laser hair removal (epilation) will be the perfect solution.
laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and excessive hair

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of removing unwanted body hair. Traditional solutions aimed at the effect of perfectly smooth skin, usually involve an endless fight against unsightly hairs, their ingrowth and skin irritation after depilation.

Epilation is a procedure involving permanent or temporary hair removal with a laser. The effect of perfectly smooth skin is made possible by damaging the dark-colored matter (melanin) without heating the rest of the skin. Melanin is a natural component of our body and gives color to the hair and skin.

The effects of laser epilation are best visible with brown and black hair. One of the most effective types of epilation is Vectus laser hair removal. This treatment can be performed on any area of ​​the body, if there are no contraindications in the form of, e.g. psoriasis, keloids, or skin infections.

Pregnancy is also a contraindication. Removing hair with methods such as shaving, mechanical epilation or methods using wax is a short-term result, and in the long term it is an expensive solution. Simple methods of depilation are both time-consuming and expensive – if we count the time lost and the cost of treatments performed over the years.

laser epilation

Laser hair removal of the bikini area, armpits and legs in Poland, is it worth it?


Do you care about the lasting effect and safety of the procedure?


Would you like to save time?


Is it important for you to use it comprehensively for larger parts of the body?



Laser hair removal is recommended for people who have thick and dark body hair. When hair grows back very quickly, epilation is perfect. Also, if you want to:

  • Get rid of unwanted body hair,
  • Quickly and non-invasively solve the problem of ingrown hair,
  • See the effects practically immediately after the treatment,
  • Do not worry about complications after the procedure,

also, if you care about the safety during the procedure, epilation is the perfect solution to help solve the issue.

The procedure

One day before starting the laser hair removal treatment, a given part of the body should be thoroughly washed and shaved. Then a local anesthetic cream is applied, and in the next step the skin is exposed to a laser.

The most effective type of epilation is the procedure that uses the Vectus laser. It is a modern method that ensures smooth skin for a long time. The laser sends a beam of concentrated light with a pulsating rhythm, which is absorbed by pigments located under the skin – in the hair follicles. When the melanin contained in the hair shaft absorbs the right amount of light from the laser, and the heat obtained in this way transfers it to adjacent tissues, not only the hair follicles are being damaged, but also the cells responsible for the formation of the hair.

Laser hair removal uses the heat effect that is produced when the light beam is absorbed by the melanin contained in the skin. Laser radiation has a long lasting effect on hair growth – it reduces it. As a result, the hair does not grow back at all or is much lighter and thinner.

Hair follicles that are in other growth stages are not being damaged, therefore the depilation treatment should be repeated at intervals of 4-6 weeks, to destroy the hair that was previously in the resting phase during the next sessions.

Advantages of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal method has many advantages. Some of the most important are, for example:

  • Durability and effectiveness – epilation is the most effective and durable treatment, which is an advantage over other methods of hair removal. After the series of treatments, you should only go back to the fixative treatment once a year.
  • Comfort and confidence – laser hair removal guarantees you are ready for any unexpected outings. After permanent hair removal, you never have to worry about such situations as camping, going to the beach or trekking, i.e. all places where everyday cosmetics are difficult.
  • Individual pain threshold – even people with sensitive skin do not have to worry about epilation. Laser hair removal is practically painless, only a slight burning sensation may occur during its performance.

The method of laser epilation allows for effective removal of hair from all parts of the body, which has been clinically proven. The effects of epilation are conditioned by the skin tone and hair color. Thick and dark hair are removed more efficiently than in fair-haired people. If the complexion is very dark, it is not recommended to use laser epilation due to the high melanin content in the skin.

Laser hair removal is very safe and does not cause any side effects. It allows you to achieve the desired effect without any skin irritation, even in the most sensitive areas, such as armpits and bikini area.

The effects

Laser hair removal eliminates the problems associated with skin irritation resulting from the use of traditional methods of depilation. Epilation is also recommended for people who struggle with the problem of ingrown hair. Eliminating abnormally growing hair improves the condition of the skin and keeps it in a beautiful, smooth condition.

The traditional, permanent depilation of legs, armpits or other parts of the body is a huge nuisance. Permanent epilation is a proven and popular solution that enjoys the greatest recognition among non-surgical aesthetic treatments performed all over the world.

Laser hair removal allows you to remove hair from anywhere on the body.