He belongs to the group of doctors who treat their profession as a vocation. Practicing as a doctor is her passion, which is why she does not allow herself to stand still and constantly expands her knowledge, perfects her skills and implements the latest solutions.

She is a specialist in aesthetic medicine, an expert in laser therapy and dermatology. She is distinguished by a unique approach to patients – she always comprehensively explains the course of the procedure, the effects and the possible effects. She is a supporter of the principle that aesthetic medicine therapies should subtly improve beauty imperfections, and not completely change the patient’s appearance.

Co-founder and founder of OT.CO Clinic, a recognized network of medical clinics specializing in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, advanced Hi-Tech cosmetology and hair transplants. Just a few years after the establishment of the first clinic, the network of OT.CO clinics is listed in the rankings of the best clinics in Poland, which is certainly influenced by the founders – doctors actively practicing medicine with international experience. It is the only network of clinics in Poland, founded and run by two doctors – a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

She has always been interested in art, especially architecture, which has developed in her a passion for beauty and harmony. Now, after years of medical studies and dozens of specialized trainings, he uses this sense of aesthetics to really help people, emphasizing and bringing out the beauty of his patients. Her mission is to support patients in achieving the desired appearance, as well as taking care of their health.

OT.CO Clinic

He runs the OT.CO Clinic together with Dr. Piotr Turkowski. Sharing both private and professional lives, they develop their professional passions, specializing in aesthetic surgery – including hair restoration surgery. Each satisfied patient is happy for them, and the OT.CO Clinic can boast of a qualified team of doctors, cosmetologists, professional medical staff, as well as world-class technologically advanced equipment, treatment methods and clinical trials.

Professional path

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She also completed postgraduate studies in the field of Cosmetology – Medycyna Estetyczna for Physicians at the Krakow University of Health Promotion, where she wrote and defended her doctoral thesis.

After obtaining the title of doctor of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, she began her practice at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital, where she joined the excellent team of Professor Cezary Kowalewski and Professor Katarzyna Woźniak. He still works there today, treating patients with genetic diseases.

At the same time, she is constantly learning from the world’s best experts in the fields of clinical dermatology, aesthetic medicine and trichology. She completed dozens of courses and internships, including in St. George Hospital and at the Melanoma Institute Australia and the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Sydney. She is constantly updating her knowledge, following the development of areas of medicine that interest her on an ongoing basis.

She has been gaining her experience since 2012, when she completed an internship in internal medicine at the Zagora General Hospital in Greece, and in pediatric surgery at the Schwabing Munchen Hospital in Munich. She did an internship in dermatology at the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw, an internship in general medicine at the Hospital. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow, and internship in dermatology and bullous diseases at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands. She also completed an internship in dermatology venereology at the hospital in Sydney (Australia).

She worked as a doctor of aesthetic medicine and clinical trials at Ambroziak Estederm in Warsaw. He shares his knowledge and experience with students, including as a lecturer in the field of dermatology at the University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw.

Since 2015, he has been a doctor of medicine at the dermatology and immunodermatology clinic at the Medical University of Warsaw, where he works as a subcontractor in various clinical trials related to a group of bullous diseases.

Currently, he is also the coordinator of clinical trials at the OT.CO clinic in Warsaw. She also works there as a dermatologist and aesthetic medicine doctor, trichologist and is the medical director at the OT.CO hospital on ul. A.K. “Żmija” in Warsaw’s Bielany.

Schools completed

In 2013, she obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow. A year later, I graduated from aesthetic medicine and cosmetology for doctors (postgraduate studies) at the Krakow University of Health Promotion.

In 2017, she completed postgraduate studies in the management and medical entity at the Warsaw School of Economics.

In turn, 2019 is the time when she obtained the title of doctor of medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. She defended her thesis there. “Evaluation of phenotypic and genotypic correlation, response to new treatments and assessment of quality of life in patients with bullous epidermis”.

In 2020, she graduated from the field of dermatology and venereology at the Medical University of Warsaw in Warsaw.

Additional information

After graduating from medical studies, she had a chance to train with authorities in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, including under the supervision of: prof. Deedy Murrell. She did a month-long internship with her in St. George Hospital, Prof. Rod Sinclair – an outstanding specialist in the field of dermatology, chairman of such organizations as the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research, The Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society, as well as The Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria. During this internship, she explored the secrets of hair transplants, as well as the treatment of various hair diseases, Dr. Linda Martin at the Melanoma Institute Australia and the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Sydney, where she specializes in treatment of melanoma and cancerous skin diseases, Dr. Roberta Chow from the laser therapy center in Sydney, prof. Marcel Jonkman – a legend of medicine in the field of genodermatoses, who ran the department of dermatology at the University Medical Center.

He is an active member of numerous associations and societies:

  • European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV),
  • European Society Cosmetology and Dermatology (ESCAD),
  • Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (POLME),
  • Polish Society of Dermatology (PTD),
  • Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.


She has taken an active part in numerous projects that allow her to improve and deepen her medical skills.

Since 2009, he has been constantly expanding his knowledge as a participant in the Club “Child Surgery and Experimental Science”, the Scientific Circle of Internal Diseases and the Scientific Circle of Psychiatry of Children and Adolescents.

Clinical studies

He has extensive experience in the field of clinical trials, including:

  • bullous epidermolysis in 2020,
  • IMP manual in 2019,
  • bullous detachment of the epidermis of 2018/phase IV,
  • alopecia areata in 2018/ phase III,
  • alopecia areata in 2017/ phase II,
  • bullous epidermolysis in 2017/ phase IV,
  • rosacea in 2017/phase IV,
  • plaque psoriasis in 2017/ phase II,
  • psoriasis in 2017/ phase II,
  • acne vulgaris in 2016/ phase III,
  • atopic dermatitis in 2015/ phase III,
  • glabellar lines in 2015/phase III,
  • plaque psoriasis in 2015/ phase III,
  • psoriasis in 2015/phase III.

Scientific publications

He has several scientific publications to his credit, including:

Osipowicz K., Kalinska-Bienias A., Kowalewski C. et al. Development of bullous pemphigoid during the haemodialysis of a young man: case report and literature survey. Int Wound J 2016; Oct 17. doi: 10.1111/iwj.12670 (Impact Factor: 2.848)

Osipowicz K, Kalinska-Bienias A, Kowalewski C et al. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Pemphigus Vulgaris Advances in Dermatology and Allergology (Impact Factor: 1.683)

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K Osipowicz1*, B Jakubowska1, C Kowalewski1, T Hashimoto2 and K Wozniak1 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy for Diagnostics of Brunsting-Perry Type Cicatrical Pem Pephigoid Cases, along with Review of Literature. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research (Impact Factor: 0.5)

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Kurnicka K, Osipowicz K, Dzikowska-Diduch O, Wertheim-Tysarowska K, Kowalewski C, Pruszczyk P, The analysis of echocardiographic results in patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. Advances in Dermatology and Allergology. 2020;37(6):871-878 (Impact Factor: 1.873)

Osipowicz K [aut. koresp.], Jakubowska B, Kowalewski C, Hashimoto T, Woźniak K, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy for Diagnostics of Brunsting-Perry Type Cicatricial Pemphigoid Cases, along with Review of Literature. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research. 2019;10(1):479

Kwiek B, Ambroziak M, Osipowicz K, Kowalewski C, Różalski M, Treatment of Previously Treated Facial capillary malformations: Results of Single-Center Retrospective Objective 3-Dimensional Analysis ot the Efficacy of Large Spot 532 nm Lasers. Dermatology Surgery. 2018;44(6)806-813 (Impact Factor: 2.190)

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Osipowicz K, Kalińska-Bienias A, Kowalewski C, Woźniak K. Development of bullous pemphigoid during the haemodialysis of young man:

Publications and interviews

  • “Amino acid therapy” – publication for www.wysokieobcasy.pl
  • Online magazine entry – commentary on improving the beauty of world stars
  • Web magazine entry – commentary on dark circles
  • Analysis of echocardiographic results – patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa – advances in dermatology and allergology / impact factor (jcr) 1,361
  • Bulcular diseases caused by the krt1 gene mutations: from hyperkeratosis to a new variant of epidermolysis bullosa – advances in dermatology and allergology / impact factor (jcr) 1,361
  • Novel and recurrent atp2c1 variants identified in hailey-hailey disease patients – journal of applied genetics / impact factor (jcr) 2.027
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  • “The impact of living in the city on the skin” – popular science article for the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program
  • We bust 5 myths about face creams. Do you have to keep them in the fridge?” – popular science article for the program “Dzień Dobry TVN”
  • interview for Aesthetic Business
  • Nioxin hair loss video conference
  • “The best anti-aging therapies”
  • publications for www.wysokieobcasy.pl
  • publications for “Elle” magazine
  • publications for Beauty Expert
  • interview for lne magazine


Despite so much experience, he is constantly expanding his skills. She participated in many courses and trainings, including:

  • EADV – Blistering Residency Course, Groningen, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology,
  • Trichoscopy training, Warsaw, Vichy,
  • Hair transplantation – safer, ultraslim method a. Urban m. Piwecki sp. Jawna,
  • Trichology course at hair medica,
  • Preparing and publishing scientific articles in recognized Galderma journals.


– Educational meeting on the injection of the Restylane hyaluronic acid technique,

– EADV – youth specialist up to 35 years old, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology,

– Training in Ellanse injection techniques,

– transmission of blood and its components,

– Facial anatomy training – Cadaver,

– Applications of the Lutronic Eco2 laser in dermatology and aesthetic medicine – indications, selection of optimal parameters, technique of effective and safe treatment,

– Emergency medical Services,

– Dermatology mentoring at St. George in Sydney, Australia,

– XXIV World Congress of Dermatology in Milan, June 10-15, 2019.

– Difficulties in managing pain in a patient with bullous epidermolysis,

– Diagnostic odyssey – from protein diathesis to dandruff folliculitis,

– Diagnosis and treatment – sexually transmitted infections (STD),

– Heterologous collagen type i – linerase allergology and dermatoimmunology of children and adults, Kazimierz Dolny,

– clinical mycology,

– trichological course,

– Public health part I: public health,

– Public health part II: medical certificate,

– Skin diseases immunology,

– Photobiology in dermatology,

– Children’s skin diseases,

– V World Congress of Dermoscopy, Thessaloniki, Greece,

– Lecture on “Ordinary feet, empty bladder imitating dyshidrotic eczema”, Kielce,

– XII scientific and training symposium of the Polish Society of Dermatology, Kielce,

– Stem cells obtained from adipose tissue and a revolution in regenerative medicine,

– IX World Congress on Pruritus, Wrocław

– EADV resident support course – vesicular diseases, Groningen, the Netherlands,

– Workshop – Silhouette Soft Advanced, Warsaw,

– XIV Spring European Symposium – Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Belgium,

– trichoscopy course,

– School of dermatology masters,

– The art of presenting protocols according to the Washington school,

– Clinical and laboratory diagnostics and treatment of allergic skin diseases,

– Scientific and training conference 13th Academy of Dermatology and Allergology

– XXV Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology,

– Scientific and training conference “Interdisciplinary faces of dermatology”, Bydgoszcz,

– XXV EADV congress,

– Specialization course – medical law,

– Pemphigoid pathogenesis 2016,

– Scientific and training conference: School of Oncological Dermatology,

– dermatological course,

– XIII spring European symposium Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Greece,

– basic surgery course,

– Aesthetic dermatology course,

– Basic skin surgery course as part of the XXXI Congress of Dermatology – Polish Dermatological Society, Wrocław,

– Aesthetic dermatology course – peels, combined treatments – 31st Congress, Polish Society of Dermatology,

– Specialization course – Introduction to dermatology and venereology,

– Course for specialization: histopathological diagnosis of skin diseases,

– Teosyal workshops – Teoxane laboratories,

– Training in advanced techniques of using dermatological fillers for soft tissues – correction,

– Congress of the youth section – Polish Society of Dermatology,

– Hair transplantation – Safer method,

– Scientific and training conference “3D Patient of Three Sections” – Polish Dermatological Society, Iława,

– Smile aesthetics – techniques combined in modeling and rejuvenating the lower 1/3 of the face,

– Current fillers and botulinum toxin, advanced injection methods workshop,

– Training in advanced injection techniques of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid,

– Peelings – the use of chemical peels based on mandelic, glycolic and pyruvic acids and yellow peel peeling,

– Conference “Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology 2014”,

– Fillers – advanced level,

– The use of therapy as growth factors in aesthetic medicine,

– The basics of soft lifting and wrinkle filling techniques with Stylage hyaluronic acid,

– Global anti-age therapy by Filorga. Professional exfoliating treatments with the use of glycopeel and medical volumetry and filorga nose correction,

– Advanced Mesoestetic Laboratorium exfoliation technique and dermamelan® depigmentation treatment,

– Fenice – hyaluronic acid,

– Fillers – basic level,

– Conference – melanoma academy,

– XV Congress of the Association of Aesthetic Dermatology,

– Azzalure – lasting beauty,

– Cellulite – physiology or disease. New therapeutic possibilities,

– Controversies in dermatology – dermatological review conference,

– Professional training in reconstruction – Arkana Skin Roller therapy – microneedling for the face,

– Training in computer cosmetology – diagnostics using the Nati Skin Analyzer,

– Training in the use of a needle – mesotherapy techniques,

– Teosyal Workshops, Krakow,

– Sesderma training – treatments using Mediderma,

– Scientific Conference of the Małopolska-Subcarpathian-Świętokrzyskie section. Polish

Pediatric Surgery Society,

– 14th Congress of the Polish Society – pediatric surgery,

– 5th course of Central and Eastern Europe in pediatric surgery,

– Organized transplant workshops as part of the “Organ Donation” project – IFMSA Kraków,

– 1st medicalcases.pl conference.

About myself

Working as a doctor is my great passion, but despite many hours spent working as a doctor and running a network of aesthetic medicine clinics, I find time to relax and rest. I love walking, I really like the forest and Polish mountains. I am the mother of a fantastic young man who gives me a lot of happiness and new impressions. At work, I combine an individual approach to the patient with a friendly atmosphere and a holistic view of my patients’ problems. I run, among others dermatological consultations in the treatment of acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, warts. In addition, I advise on face and body care treatments. I see patients who speak Polish, English and German.

The range of treated diseases also includes, for example:

– psoriasis,

– atopic dermatitis,

– acne,

– Rosacea,

– hyperhidrosis,

– Skin diseases,

– alopecia areata,

– baldness,

– skin changes,

– Wrinkles,

– Vitiligo,

– seborrheic warts,

– viral warts,

– allergic contact dermatitis,

– skin allergies,

– cellulite,

– bruxism,

– oral thrush,

– dandruff,

– tinea versicolor,

– Allergies,

– Diseases of hair and nails,

– nail mycosis,

– foot mycosis,

– cosmetic defects,

– photodermatosis,

– sexually transmitted diseases,

– seborrhea,

– Warts,

– Diseases of the mucous membranes,

– flaccidity of the skin,

– syphilis,

– gonorrhea,

– lichen versicolor,

– erythema,

– Edema,

– skin neoplasms,

– genital warts,

– tumors of the subcutaneous tissue,
– scleroderma,

– facial nerve paralysis,

– atheromas,

– malignant melanomas,

– vascular changes,

– pemphigus,

– hyperandrogenism,

– Hair loss,

– Chloasma,

– migraine,

– fibromas,

– Scars

– Lip asymmetry,

– drooping eyelids,

– nose asymmetry,

– keloids,

– Leaks from the urethra,

– itching of the vulva,

– vaginal discharge,

– Lip enlargement,

– lip modelling,

– Moisturizing the lips,

– Compensation of asymmetry of the upper lip,

– lifting the corners of the mouth,

– Plasma treatment of hair loss,

– Giving male facial features,

– furrows,

– face modelling,

– acne scars,

– bends,

– heavy legs,

– sun spots,

– actinic keratosis,

– Seborrheic dermatitis

– Drooping eyelid

– Venereal diseases

– Keratosis of the skin

– Cutaneous horn

– Red cheeks

– Spider veins on the face

– Mole

– Teeth grinding

– Smoker’s lines

– Drooping corners of the mouth

– Hamsters

– Gummy smile

– Bullous pemphigoid

– Small breasts

– Bags under the eyes

– Melasma

– Changes in the penis

– Lumps on the penis

– Fainting on the penis

– Chin

– Hormonal acne

– Hormonal baldness

– Telogen effluvium

– Alopecia due to stress

– Baldness after covid

– Alopecia after pregnancy

– Discoloration after pregnancy

– Lesion on the labia

– Change on the lower lip

– Dry skin under the eyes

– Flaky eyelids

– Hump nose

– Change on the nose

– Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

– Dry scalp

– Flaky scalp

– Blackheads

– Blackhead acne

– Scarring acne

– Fat skin

– Itchy skin

– Chafing

– Wet armpits

– Wet hands

– Crooked lips

– Lumps in the mouth

– Facial drooping

– Small lips.