Specialist in hair restoration surgery and plastic surgery. Counted among the best specialists in Poland in the field of hair transplantation, liposuction, breast plastic surgery and body shaping using the lipotransfer method (so-called lipofilling). He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań, and already during his studies he knew that plastic surgery fascinated him enough to specialize in it, thanks to which he had already completed several courses and trainings in this area when he graduated from school. Plastic surgery fascinates him so much that he is ready to get on a plane after a day of surgery and fly to the other end of the world, for example to Brazil or Argentina, to train with the best specialists in the world in given fields of plastic surgery. He is always looking for the best teachers and it is from them that he learns the most perfect, effective and modern methods in the world.

He gained specializations in the best Centers in this part of Europe, i.e. in the Clinic in Polanica-Zdrój and in Warsaw. Since his studies, he has been educated under the guidance of the best specialists, every year he goes on internships to renowned clinics around the world.

Co-founder and founder of OT.CO Clinic, a recognized network of medical clinics specializing in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, advanced Hi-Tech cosmetology and hair transplants. Only a few years after the establishment of the first clinic, the network of OT.CO clinics is listed in the rankings of the best clinics in Poland, which is certainly influenced by the founders – doctors actively practicing medicine with international experience. It is the only network of clinics in Poland, founded and run by two doctors – a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

The knowledge gained from so many diverse sources and cultural zones allows him to combine many methods and solutions used in the world, unique on the Polish market. Probably from here, Dr. Piotr Turkowski is recommended as one of the few doctors in Poland who performs a real Brazilian butt lift, because it was in Latin America that he gained knowledge about this method under the supervision of the best specialists. Therefore, the acquired knowledge allows him to help patients in an optimal way. At the same time, he attaches great importance to both the safety of the procedures performed and their effectiveness.

He perfected body shaping treatments under the supervision of specialists in South America (Humberto Uribe Morelli, Hector Duran, Alejandro Echaury). At the OT.CO Clinic, he mainly deals with plastic surgery – he is an expert and passionate about body shaping (using Vaser Lipo technology, Renuvion and 3D liposuction), breast correction, as well as facial plastic surgery (e.g. nose and eyelid correction). He perfected breast operations under the supervision of Moustapha Hamdi and Paolo Montemurro. He also performs hair restoration treatments, from which he began his adventure with aesthetic medicine, under the supervision of Doctor Russell Knudsen – head of ISHRS. Currently, together with Dr. Katarzyna Osipowicz, an innovative trichology department, associating over a dozen great specialists in hair transplantation and scalp diseases, while conducting clinical research in this area, thanks to which OT.CO Clinic patients have access to the latest and innovative preparations. Piotr Turkowski is the author of many articles in the field of hair diseases and hair transplantation.

Schools completed

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań. At the same university, he defended his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Pharmacy. In addition, he graduated from the Warsaw school of the International Training Center for Anti-Aging Medicine at the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists.

After graduation, he began his specialization at one of the most recognized plastic surgery departments in the country – the Specialist Medical Center in Polanica Zdrój.

He also gained valuable experience during numerous foreign internships. Among them, a special place is occupied by an individual internship with Dr. Russell Knudsen in Sydney, dedicated to improving FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, and an internship at the prestigious Akademikliniken, Sweden’s largest private Plastic Surgery Clinic.

He is also one of the first doctors from Warsaw registered as a member of the international world organization of hair restoration surgery (ISHRS), which brings together the world’s best specialists in this field.


He improved his skills by participating in numerous courses, internships and congresses, including:

  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – one of the world’s best centers specializing in reconstructive surgery and microsurgery (Taiwan),
  • Akademikliniken – a prestigious private plastic surgery clinic (Stockholm),
  • at the 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop – the second Mediterranean hair transplant surgery training organized by Dr Alex Ginzburg and Dr. Jose Lorenzo, industry leaders (Madrid),
  • at the World Congress Prague – the congress of the international society of hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) (Prague),
  • at The Orlando Live Surgery Workshop – a workshop conducted by Dr. Matt Leavitt, devoted to improving hair transplant techniques using FUE and FUT methods (Orlando, USA),
  • University Hospital Brussels – on an internship with prof. Mustahpa Hamdi (Brussels),
  • on an individual internship with prof. Nazim Cerkes (Istanbul),
  • at the Live Surgery Meeting hosted by Enrico Robotti and Nazim Cerkes (Istanbul),
  • at the Düsseldorf Symposium – symposium of prof. Christoph Andree (Düsseldorf),
  • on an individual internship with Dr. Russell Knudsen (former president of ISHRS, the world’s authority on hair transplantation) devoted to improving FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques (Sydney),
  • at all meetings of the Polish Society of Plastic Surgery since 2012/13 (Poland),
  • at the international congress of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Miami).
  • Humberto Uribe Morelli – individual internship in Colombia, Bogotá.
  • Individual internship with Alejandro Echaura – Mexico Guadalajara.

He is also an active member of numerous associations and societies, including:

  • Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery,
  • The International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS),
  • The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

A little about me

We run the OT.CO clinic together with Dr. Katarzyna Osipowicz, sharing both private and professional life. It is here that we develop our professional passions, specializing in aesthetic surgery, including hair restoration surgery. We are glad that the patients of the OT.CO Clinic appreciate both the experience of our team of specialists and the access to technologically advanced equipment and treatment methods. I have been a dad for over a year, Marysia is our first child, so the whole range of new experiences that has been accompanying me since November 2021 is amazing, something completely new in my life. It’s a great feeling to show a little man the world, watch him learn to walk, talk or start expressing his opinion. In my free time I like to travel, while traveling I satisfy my passions related to art, especially painting and sculpture are topics close to me. I draw inspiration and peace from them. I like reading books, recently I’ve been fascinated by a new area of marketing, which is growth hacking, and I’m looking for publications on this subject.


He has scientific publications to his credit, including:

  • Novel and recurrent variants of ATP2C1 identified in patients with Hailey-Hailey disease, Journal of Applied Genetics (2020)
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis and pemphigus vulgaris, Advances in Dermatology and Allergology (2018)
  • Development of bullous pemphigoid during the haemodialysis of a young man: case report and literature survey, International Wound Journal (2017)
  • The Effect of Vaser Abdominal Liposuction on Metabolic Profile in Overweight Males, American Journal of Men’s Health (2017)